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How "The Truth Seekers" Inspired Me

Monday 08 June, 2015

One day in 2011 I read The Truth Seekers series. When my mom told me how that series had been written by a teen and her mom, I was greatly inspired. I hadn't read a book that was written by someone close to my age ever before, and I was awed that I never noticed the difference in the age of the author.
I have always loved to write, but I never thought it could amount to anything. I am just a teen, after all. What could I accomplish?
I think I read The Truth Seekers series about twice, and I couldn't help thinking each time I read those books: "Wow. Someone really just followed their dreams here and took a step. I wish I could do that."
I finally decided to try it. Now, I had been writing for many years, but I almost NEVER finished anything I started.
For a year and a half I worked on my novel, and got help with my novel, and now, finally, it is published. But that would not have happened if I hadn't found inspiration from the Truth seekers.
Testimonial By: Hailey Woerner — Forest, VA, United States — Striving to Follow Him

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