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Creation Science Online Class - CD


Creation Science Online Class - CD


This set is mailed to you! A CD of the class with all the audios and printables! Add a Creation Science Study Guide to complete this set.

Teach your children the TRUTH about Creation in the comfort of your own home! Digital files come to your inbox!

Teaching creation has never been easier.

You receive:
  • 6-audio sessions for the students with special guests one per week
  • A personalized work - notebook specifically for this event with 72 pages!
  • Activities and experiment ideas
  • Handouts for every class including slides that follow along with the audio
  • Web links and additional suggestions.

Here are the specifics! 

Class Contains:

  • Six Classes Accompanies Creation Science A Study Guide to Creation Gerwitz/Whitlock
  • Bonus Handouts: 23 Handouts - including a kids notebook with activities
  • Class 1 : In the Beginning God Created ~ 2 audios plus 10 handouts 
  • Class 2: Flood Geology, Noah and the Fossil Record - 1 audio plus 5 handouts
  • Class 3: Evidence for a Young Earth and the Big Bang ~ 1 audio plus 3 handouts
  • Class 4: Thermodynamics and the Problems with Darwin's Theory ~ 1 audio plus 5 handouts
  • Class 5: DNA and Protein-Ernst Haeckel -Human Senses ~ 2 audios plus 3 handouts
  • Class 6: What Scientists Believe-Bad Science and Hoaxes ~ 1 audio plus 5 handouts

This class accompanies the Creation Science Study Guide, however can be completed as a stand-alone class.


My children couldn't wait to listen to Mrs. Felice each class session.
~ Brandy from MO

My children are still quoting from your class and book and they are now in college! We have such lively conversations when they come home.
~ Tiffany from Orlando

Each class is valued at $10 per session - you can use this with the entire family! 

Value: $12 x 6 on CD sessions = $72.00
Value: $12.95 Activity Pack  +$12.95 

Total ..............................................................$84.95

Bundled Price Special Offer! 

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