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Creation Science Online Class - Download


Creation Science Online Class -  

Available for Immediate DOWNLOAD
Creation Science Kids Class - by Felice Gerwitz

Teaching creation has never been easier.Teach your children the TRUTH about Creation in the comfort of your own home!  

This is a downloadable product - no shipping. 

You receive:
  • 6-audio sessions for the students with special guests one per week
  • A personalized work - notebook specifically for this event with 72 pages!
  • Activities and experiment ideas
  • Handouts for every class including slides that follow along with the audio
  • Web links and additional suggestions.

Here are the specifics! 

Class Contains:

  • Six Classes Accompanies Creation Science A Study Guide to Creation Gerwitz/Whitlock
  • Bonus Handouts: 23 Handouts - including a kids notebook with activities
  • Class 1 : In the Beginning God Created ~ 2 audios plus 10 handouts 
  • Class 2: Flood Geology, Noah and the Fossil Record - 1 audio plus 5 handouts
  • Class 3: Evidence for a Young Earth and the Big Bang ~ 1 audio plus 3 handouts
  • Class 4: Thermodynamics and the Problems with Darwin's Theory ~ 1 audio plus 5 handouts
  • Class 5: DNA and Protein-Ernst Haeckel -Human Senses ~ 2 audios plus 3 handouts
  • Class 6: What Scientists Believe-Bad Science and Hoaxes ~ 1 audio plus 5 handouts

This class accompanies the Creation Science Study Guidehowever can be completed as a stand-alone class.


My children couldn't wait to listen to Mrs. Felice each class session.
~ Brandy from MO

My children are still quoting from your class and book and they are now in college! We have such lively conversations when they come home.
~ Tiffany from Orlando

Each class is valued at $10 per session - you can use this with the entire family! 

Value: $12 x 6  sessions = $72.00
Value: $12.95 Activity Pack  +$12.95 

Total ..............................................................$84.95

Bundled Price Special Offer! 

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