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Secret Code Time: Creating an Unbreakable Bond


Do you sit at the side of a crib and wonder what your relationship with your child will be in years to come? Do you wonder what it will be like; will you hae a communication relationship that has no boundaries? Or hae the years slipped by too quickly, and you now feel like there is an impenetrable wall that goes up anytime you try to talk to your child?

Join this mother-daughter team as they recount hilarious antics and reminisce about heartfelt moments that forged an unbreakable bond that would last a lifetime. Come along on their journey, as they take you step by step in how to build a bridge of communication with your children from an early age and how to mend and restore a broken parent-child relationship.

"When I had my first child, I jokingly told my mother he didn't come with a users manual. Yes, there are all kinds of how-to raise your child books out there, but this book goes beyond the physical well being of a child. This book touches the core ... the heartfelt relationship all parents wish to have with their children.

As a mother of fie children I found this book aluable and quickly started implementing some of the gems found in this book as I was editing the draft ersion. (To see if it really worked!). And you know what? It worked! My youngest three were delighted that I was really listening to them when they spoke (yes, I listened but with one simple but powerful hint that Paula shares in this book!). What a difference this made in my life, and I am sure it will make in your life. "

- Sky McNeill and Paula Stevenson

"Thank you for sharing this with me. I think you are on to something that a lot of parents need... Don't give up on the dream."

- Stee Arterburn, Founder and Chairman of New Life Ministries and Founder of the Women of Faith® Conferences

"Communication –so necessary for husbands and wies, but also extremely important for parents and children. Secret Code Time 305 is the rieting account of the personal journey of one family that discoered the secret of communicating deeply, significantly, and honestly, without judgment or recrimination. But it is more than just a personal story; it also about applying biblical truths so foundational to healthy communication and stable family life.

The Secret Code is about children unashamedly confiding in their parents with the assurance that they will be affirmed and loved. Instead of fearing rejection, disappointing their parents, and facing hurtful consequences, children will find a safe place and way to share their deepest needs. It all comes from parents learning how to build a strong relationship with their children. The principled process in the Secret Code will help parents to listen and respond from the heart and build hope and confidence in their children. For the health and stability of your family, especially your children, read this book."

- Dr. Dominic A. Aquila, President

New Genea Theological Seminary

Colorado Springs, Colorado

"My six-year old daughter, Emma comes and says, 'Secret Code Polie' and I drop everything and listen. She knows she can share anything and it will go no further. It isn't a light way to get my attention but rather it has become a sacred thing."

- Julie Fishman

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Website: www.SecretCodeTime.com

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