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Reach For The Stars: Young Author's Fiction Workbook


Grades 3-8

This is the book I wish I had when I was trying to teach my children to write fiction. If you have been a Media Angels customer for a while, you may know my story...how I began writing and publishing AND how I didn't know how to write a novel, when my then 12-year old daughter Christina insisted we write one. There were many trial and errors as we attempted to write an entertaining fiction that was a page turner. (However we finally did, check out the Truth Seeker's Mystery Series!)

With this wonderful addition the Media Angels line-up you will be taught by a veteran author!

Meet Susan K. Marlow!

Susan K. Marlow, fiction author of the Circle C Series with Andrea Carter is the newest author to Media Angels. She has written a wonderful workbook to teach children to write fiction. If you are interested in teaching your children to write ficiton, you must take a look at Susan K. Marlow's curriculum, a fiction writing workshop in a book for kids Grades 3-8th (but highschoolers and adults can befit as well). (As well as two other series of books to date!)

This 144-page workbook for budding young authors includes sections on:

  • Creating characters
  • How to "show-don't tell" their feelings
  • Beginnings that "hook" the reader
  • Creating scenes, plotting stories and much more!

    Students can work at their own pace and on their own. Reach for the Stars also works great in home school co-ops and in classrooms. Includes a parent/teacher guide with hints for expanding the lessons if desired.

    “The Reach for the Stars writing workbook is wonderful! The [book] will take your child on an adventure, starting with the basics and ending with a written story. . . More importantly, I have seen my daughter develop a real love for writing.”

    - Heidi Strawser, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC

    "Mrs. Marlow has created a wonderful tool to help budding writers flex their literary muscles . . ."

    - Pip, homeschooling teen

    "My nine-year-old's attitude changed 180 degrees after taking Susan Marlow's writing course. He now proudly states he is a great writer . . ."

    - Tania P., homeschooling mom

    "This is truly the best I have seen on teaching a child how to write a short story. It is laid out so nicely, easy to understand, and at a level children can find both interesting and easy to follow."

    - Gail Geese, Valley Christian School

    "When I started the Reach for the Star writing workbook, I thought it was just something my mom wanted me to do . . . But after I started, I realized I had a lot of great ideas, and the writing workbook really brought them out of me . . . It got me hooked on writing, and now I can't stop!"

    - Anika B., homeschooling teen

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