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Information in a Nutshell: Writing and Publishing


Becoming a Published Author is Within Your Grasp!

Learn How--Now

What do you have in common with best-selling authors? Possibly much more than you know!

Are you passionate about your writing? Do you have an idea that may be the next best seller? Do you have a story that must be told? Do you aspire to share your experience or knowledge with others?

It took me over ten years to get my first book published, not because I didn't have the desire, but because many books I read about the entire process left me feeling lost or overwhelmed. This book is easy to read and will give you a quick understanding with insider's secrets and tips.
Don't wait for ten years like I did! Discover today how to turn your ideas into a published book. Learn insider's tips from successful published authors. Don't wait another day.

This book will give you the tools you need to jump start your writing career.

Felice has coached many other aspiring authors to WRITING SUCCESS and she can help YOU by jump starting your knowledge into the entire publishing process. This how-to book will be a constant resource with fantastic websites to research information like, "How do I find an agent?" or "What makes a good topic?"


Felice Gerwitz is an author and publisher of more than 20 titles. Eight of her titles were given the distinction of being chosen as one of the Top Homeschool Curriculums. She is the founder of Media Angels, Inc. a publishing company with a Christian focus. Since 1994, she has helped many others to realize their dreams of writing and publishing.

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