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Newly Updated 2016! This book contains complete lesson plans.

The body is the most incredible of God's creations! The complexity of even a single cell is amazing and points to an awesome Intelligent Designer, and His name is God!

Come study the wonderful systems within the body and learn that we are incredibly made. Learn how to refute the errors of evolutionary thinking. The complex body system defies Neo-Darwinian evolution. More and more scientists now realize that evolution just does not have all the answers. Shouldn't your children understand why?

This study includes easy to follow lesson plans, a teaching outline for K-12, over 300 activities and experiments (including Francesco Redi's experiment that proves life only comes from life!), the body systems, original research, human history, language information, vocabulary list, recommended reading (not necessary to complete this study), math activities, book reviews, reproducible sheets and much more!

"Other science books I've read are like recipes, but the information in these books is presented well." - Parent from Montana 

"I read through the teaching outline, astounding! Never has real science made so much sense to me before." - Mary from New York

This book was selected as one of the 100 and 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum 

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