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Creation Geology: A Study Guide Download


Creation Geology: A Study Guide to Fossils, Formations and The Flood!

What happens when a well and oil geologist becomes a Christian and a Creation Scientist? She finds the Lord, decides to homeschool, and writes a study guide!

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Okay it does not always happen in that order but when Jill Whitlock and Felice Gerwitz met, Jill opened a whole new world to Felice! The result is these study guides. This one especially is amazing since it is in Jill's area of expertise.

Flood geology comes alive with the 57-page teaching outline included. Jill has outdone herself in this comprehensive guide. This study includes easy to follow lesson plans for K-12, over 300 activities and experiments, information about radiometric dating, oil and coal formation and Geologic formations and fossils occurred during the time of Noah's Flood, vocabulary list, recommended reading (not necessary to complete this study), math activities, book reviews, reproducible sheets and much more!
- Cathy Duffy, author Christian Home Educators' Manuals

This series very much reflects what I think science education should look like with its combination of real books, experiments, and other interesting activities that truly engage children in the study of science.

I've been looking for real science books, not baby talk science books or dry recitation and jargon. The in-depth stuff is presented without being too technical because there is enough personal comments and I think the explanations are good because they don't talk down to moms.

- Janice from North Carolina

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