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Real Men Talk about Freedom, Girls, Courtship & Marriage


A Bible Study for Young Men

Most men want to settle down one day with the right woman and raise a family. God has wisdom in His Word for these very topics. Dig into the Word of God with Real Men. Letís talk about freedom from sin, how to relate to girls and women, dating, courtship, and marriage. This Bible study was created for men of all ages to hold out for Godís best and to live by His Perfect Law that gives FREEDOM to all who trust in Him.

Most teenage guys and men struggle to keep their thoughts about women pure. It is a battle that requires wisdom and fortitude. Learn to fight the battle against sexual sin and lust effectively.

You will find principles here to walk in freedom from lust and guard the purity of your sisters in Christ. Learn to treat ladies the way they want to be treated and build wholesome friendships with them.

Pastor Mike and Meredith Curtis created this workbook for their own son and the young men in their church. These principles work!

Here is the Table of Contents:

 Girls: Potential Crush or Sisters in the Lord?

 Guard Your Heart & Fight

 Freedom from Lust

 Dating: Preparation for Divorce

 Courtship: An Alternative

 Walking in Purity

 Wholesome Friendships

 The Courtship Process

 Married until Death Do Us Part

 Preparing for the Future

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