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Well Planned Day Expo


Well Planned Day Expo 

Over 20 audios to help you in your home school journey. Audios plus handouts from these amazing speakers and authors:

1. A Pantry of Health Felice 
Tips on keeping natural remedies on hand and eating healthy.

2. Well Planned Day, Yes It's Possible Rebecca Keliher 

3. Tips and Techniques so your homeschool planning can go smoothly! 

4. Zoom, Zoom! Slowing Down to Date Karen Campbell
Planning isn't just for the schoolbooks, keeping marriage first also takes scheduling.

5. A Busy Family Guide Meredith Curtis
Meredith will share from her life ways to stay Christ-centered in the midst of hectic schedules, chaos, and interruptions.

6. Avoiding the Last Minute Highschool Paperwork Jam Matthew Bullington  - Critical steps you can take to bring order to the chaos and intentional planning in high school.

7. When Training is Not Enough Shirley Solis

8. Winning the Battle with Polyester Lorrie Flem
Help for moms to successfully battle bad attitudes, weather the storm, be resistant to arguments, and ready to meet what God has for us each day.

9. Dinner Ready Felice Gerwitz
No mega-cooking, just simple tips for getting healthy meals for busy homeschool families.

10. Plan Your Year, Plan Your Savings Kelly Hancock
Discover how shopping seasonally nets you savings every month of the year when you know what to buy when. 

11. Square Pegs and Round Holes Tara Jenner
Why identifying and implementing a Multi-Sensory Approach to teaching is beneficial to everyone

12. CounterFIT Awareness  LeaAnn Garfias
 How to recognize unBiblical world view on your curriculum.

13. Too Many Eggs in My Basket  Judy Dudich
Feeling overly committed, taxed, and overwhelmed? Time to get your priorities in order! 

14. Money Doesn't Grow on Trees Matthew Bullington
There are few subjects that have as significant of an application to our children's future as financial stewardship. So how do you teach your children to develop strong personal financial skills, and bring some sense of understanding to this complicated topic? Join us with this workshop to find out!

15. Planning for the Future Julianna Curtis
Careers, College, and Life a balanced and Godly approach.

16. When Planning Fails-  Felice Gerwitz
Everyday is a new day, and everyday "life" can throw you some curves. Felice shares how the setback she faced in life lead her to real joy that comes from trusting in God!

17. Meredith Curtis - Planning to Save. 
Preparing for the future involves saving money and living frugally, not within your means, but living on less than you make. In this session, Meredith shares tips on living on less and trusting God. She also shares ways to keep you from dipping into the money you are saving.

18. Judy Dudich - When 1 + 1 Makes a Dozen
How does a "full Quiver" change perspective, circumstances, dynamics, and everyday situations? What are the challenges/struggles/trials which are unique to a growing family of many? Judy shares the way a full quiver changed her perspective, circumstances, and dynamics of everyday situations.

19.Kelly Hancock - Raising Cash Conscious Kids
Give your child a coupon, and he takes it to the store. Teach your child to coupon, and he'll learn to save money while living generously. Money-saving expert Kelly Hancock shows you how clipping coupons and learning the strategies that maximize their savings can become a family activity, an adventure in learning, and a valuable life-long skill that develops the wisdom of a saver along with the heart of a giver in your child.

20. Shirley Solis - BuildingCharacterWithChildren.com
Popsicles, Playroom and Homeschooling Toddlers. Homeschooling is challenging enough...but when we add toddlers to the picture, we might end up with a little more than delicious popsicles and a clean playroom, if you know what I mean. But it doesn't have to be that hard... with practical tips and the right perspective, you can look and act more like Dr. Jekyll, while leaving Mr. Hyde behind.

21. Lorrie Flem -EternalEncouragement.com
Nearly Unknown Organizing Benefits. Some of the rewards you enjoy from being well-organized are easy to see like: the peacefulness of a tidy horizontal surface, the ability to find things, and the creativity that can be born from as a result. Speaking as an always recovering messaholic, now that I worked hard to be organized for more than 15 years. I'll show you exactly how to move from messy in a way that makes sense to a messy or neataholic.

22. Lorrie Flem - Schedule Snags
Let's look an honest look scheduling, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Does it really help? Is it really worth the effort? Do you feel locked in and bogged down? What if my husband works crazy hours? We'll look at the 10 most common scheduling sticky parts and exactly how to overcome them. Lorrie will share her Superwoman Solution, go over some Scheduling Strategies, and take a look at Priority Worms. Lorrie will help you get past your frustrations so that you find the freedom and fulfillment that come from following your own custom schedule.

23. Karen Campbell - I Can't Believe It's Not True 
You've all heard of her, the woman who is faster than a toddler spilling fruit juice, more powerful than a ten-year-old on a sugar high, able to leap tall laundry piles in a single bound ... and all with a lineup of perfect children! Exploring the notion of homeschool mom and homeschool child perfection, Karen examines some of the more popular myths surrounding homeschool life and offers the reality check every mom needs!

24. Tara Jenner -My Red Wagon is Yellow
Tara will discuss formal and observational ways to identify cognitive deficits, and areas in which your child is excelling. She will delve into the pros and cons of formal testing; specific ways to identify the root cause of your child's academic and social successes and failures; and ways to modify or accommodate while remedies are explored.

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