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DVD: Juggling Home and School


Juggling Home and School has been the story of my life and sometimes as often happens when juggling, you drop the ball. Learn how I've stemmed the problem with the help and grace that can only come from a deep faith in God!

I am a naturally disorganized person. I always used the excuse that I enjoy trying to be "creatie" and I loed the saying "A messy desk is the sign of a working mind." [I don't like to use the word brilliant as I think I'm just an aerage person!]

The problem is things can stay under control with two children and an understanding and loing husband...but what happens when the Lord decides to bless a family with three more children? [I called this blessing in my late 30's my Elizabethan years...when the other two came in my early 40's I *knew* the Lord had a sense of humor!]

Okay, so I had to get busy fast and get organized so that I could continue to be a wife, mother, and homeschool mom. [Oh, and did I mention running a business and partnering in a few other entures??]

In this DVD I share a portion of my "formula" if you will, to getting things done and while dropping the ball does occasionally happen, the occurrences are at least rare!

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