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DVD: Writing and Publishing


When I grew up I wanted to be a published author...

No, that thought neer entered into the growing up equation. So how did I end up with 17 books (7-co-authored) and a publisher for 5 others (3 still in print?)... hmm, that's a great question and I share the answers in my DVD. This presentation is based on my book: In a Nutshell, Writing and Publishing.

I was struck by the writing bug after the birth of my first son, Neal. As a stay-at-home mom, I had gladly left the profession as a full time teacher to be with my son. He was the perfect child and slept for long naps. I spent some time writing stories that I would loe for him to read as he grew older. (Okay, when he much older! I was a little ahead of myself.) These stories eentually made their way to a publisher and the rejection letters began.

Little did I know that a handwritten comment (on the form letter) was a good thing, but rejection is still hard to take so I sheled my work when my second child, Christina was born... exactly 2 years later...both are Christmas Ee babies! Well, I neer realized I'd shele my writing career for oer 10 years before I'd begin writing for publication again. [All those letters to the newspaper editor and guest opinion spots donít count, do they?]

When I picked up where I left off I took a turn into the non-fiction arena...using my experience as an educator and homeschool mom. It would take the encouragement of my then 12-year-old daughter Christina, years later to urge me to try my hand a fiction! [The Truth Seekers Mystery Series is a result of this effort with 3 noels currently published.]

This DVD goes into the processing of publishing from an author and publisher's perspectie. If you hae eer wanted to write now is the time to get started! I can't promise you a lucratie career but I can promise you the tools to get started!

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