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DVD & Science Book Bundle


This discounted bundle set includes:

  • DVD Science Labs on a Shoestring Budget
  • Teaching Science and Having Fun.

    Many of you know that I've homeschooled since 1986 and in this amount of time I have learned the ins and outs of many of the problems plaguing homeschool moms and dads. One of these is SCIENCE LABS!

    Learn my secrets in this DVD presentation .The first is that science was a subject I detested as a student, teacher and homeschool mom. You will learn that having a child with special needs forced to me examine my perfectly crafted curriculum, chuck it all and start from scratch.

    What I learned is that the inquiry method of science is a wonderful spring board to encourage children to deeper levels of thinking...naturally. Through observation, the children will naturally ask questions, "Mom what do turtles eat?" or my favorite all time question..."Is it red on black friend of jack or red on yellow kill a fellow?" [When describing poisonous vs. non-poisonous snakes!]

    This lecture reflects many years of home education and taking children through lab experiences from K-12. The presentation is based on the book: Teaching Science and Having Fun

    This purchase is for the DVD Science Labs on a Shoestring Budget and the book, Teaching Science and Having Fun.

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