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I don't write music, really, I don't. 

I write blogs, I write books, I even write ad copies, but lyrics for music, poetry. Nope. Nada. No way!!

Until I began hosting the Ultimate Homeschool expo. I wanted to provide something special for the moms, something unique something more than an eBook or another free audio seminar.

So, at that gentle voice from the Lord, the one you can't ignore, I decided to listen and begin writing. In a short time, I had filled several notebook pages and decided to type them.

Now what?

Well, I happened to know a very talented (homeschool graduate) and now and adult and married with her own children-- Gabriella Frei. She I knew was too busy to set these words to music, plus what if they were really hopeless to set to song?

I decided I had nothing to lose, so I sent Gaby a message via social media and she asked me to email her the words. That was at 10 am in the morning. By 3:30 pm ET I had a song link in my inbox! I cried.

That was the beginning and this set is the first 5 songs of our CD. They are written from the heart and I hope they'll touch yours as well.

Here is a glimpse of the song titles, topics, and lyrics.

Homeschool Prayer: For mothers of all age children, this song identifies the need of Jesus to be the focus of our day.

~Sample Lyrics: Every morning I wake, not always ready to start the day. My mission is clear before me, it's time to rise and pray. The words I speak before I rise motivate me in so many ways, they are a cry to my Savior and this is what I pray. Refrain: Thank you and praise you, Lord Jesus, thank you for this day. I can't do it without you, please be with me today...

Song of Thanks: A praise and thanksgiving song to the Father for his provision to homeschool.

~Sample Lyrics: Father I thank you for giving me this time with my kids at home. All of my days I praise you and say, I'm grateful for this special time. I'm happy they're with me so many memories we've made. And every day I can happily say they are growing closer to you. Refrain: I want to shout to the world the blessings you've given....

Wonder of Wonders: A song celebrating the joy that comes from obedience in following the Lord's leadings.

~Sample Lyrics-Refrain: Wonder of Wonders the way is clear. Joy and obedience will be ours with You near. Never leave me Lord, Jesus, this I pray. Until you bring me home and there I will say...I thank you for all you've done in my life I'm happy my name is in the book of Life.

I thank you from the depth of my soul
And forever more.

To My Child: Identifies a mother's feeling knowing she is having a child. 

~Sample Lyrics: When I learned that God had blessed me with you, the feelings were so wonderful and I knew, I would rejoice as I was soon to become, a mother with a precious baby chosen by the Mighty One. When I learned what your birthday would be I couldn't wait. I counted down until that very date. I wanted to hold you in my arms. A mother with a precious baby chosen by the One above.

Teen Years: For mothers of all age children, this song identifies the need of Jesus to be the focus of our day.

~Sample Lyrics: When did my child become a teen? It wasn't long ago they were in-between. And now that I'm looking up into a face, that towers over me, it's hard to keep pace. His ideas are changing at the speed of life. Record amounts of food disappear at night. And how on earth can I keep buying clothes that he appears to outgrow before I get home? She was a tomboy that hated to wear pink, now her hair is combed what an amazing thing. I watch as she changes on the outside, but inside her sparkle she's unable to hide .

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