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Homeschooling with Proverbs

A Bible STUDY for the ENTIRE family!
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One year, I searched and searched for a Bible Study that I could use with my entire family using the Book of Proverbs … I couldn’t find one…
So, I wrote one!

 Proverbs is a PARENTING guide … a guide for being a good son or daughter, and a wonderful way to encourage our homeschool children to look to the BIBLE for answers on the way they should act!

” A great help for my homeschool journey! Thanks so much Felice for putting this together!” Rebecca from Maine

“You keep challenging us in each session to hold each other accountable, and it is working. Our family is becoming kinder and trusting God.” Julie from KY

What does the study contain?

An Entire Christian BIBLE Study using the Book of Proverbs for the ENTIRE Family!

  • Starter Kit Contains

    • Each month you will get an audio prepared by Felice for the entire family. Three separate audios!
    • A Starter 37-Page Book with teaching ideas, schedule, digging deeper, reflection questions and more.
    • Study questions, journal and notebooking ideas.
    • Handouts for you and your family. Even great activities for the younger family members!
    • Many additional bonuses for the entire family!

    All will adhere closely with the audio teaching of the of the month.

 You have complete control

If you are not satisfied at any time, you can stop your subscription. But I am so sure you won’t I’m offering the starter set at a crazy price!

The entire set contains 18 lessons. For ease of use I’ve broken down these lessons into 9 months — a full school year, as there is so much information! This has been life changing for our family and I ask that you give  it a TRY! It is by far the MOST helpful and encouraging Bible study EVER for the entire family,

About the author of Homeschooling with Proverbs:

Felice Gerwitz is a veteran homeschool mom with a heart for mentoring others.

Felice is the owner of Media Angels Inc., a publishing company with a focus on Christian material including 17 books, three  co-authored with her daughter Christina Gerwitz Moss!  Felice and Jill Whitlock authored the Creation Science Study Guide Series.

Felice is a regular host for online conference events and a conference speaker.

Visit Media Angels for more information: http://www.mediaangels.com/

Felice is also the owner of The Ultimate Homeschool Expo and the founder & creator of the first radio network for homeschoolers  Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network;

 Please do not purchase this here - it is available on the Homeschooling with Proverbs website. 

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