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Creation Camp! Download!


Creation Camp! Downloadable Set.

In the past our creation camps were a set - ready to go, however ... you've asked for it and now here it is ... create your own camp with our Parent Manual & Student Manual.

A one-time purchase and you can use it for multiple children (one family only) ... additional license per family is available at request. Email Felice (at) MediaAngels.com to request this option.

So what is the creation camp??

Creation Camp in a Box

Are you ready to host 
your own Creation Camp -- at HOME?

Look no further. This set includes the Parent Manual and the Student 

Manual Plus Supply List. No supplies included.

 T-shirts available to order more here! 

Each day you study one day of God's amazing Creation!


One Week of Full Activities or break it up into a longer period of time. Your choice.

Comes complete with all the instructions, a Kids' book you may copy for multiple children; 

supplies that can be shared and a Teacher's Instruction Manual.

Created by Christina Gerwitz Moss and Felice Gerwitz of Media Angels ... a name you can trust!

Information Included to create your own camp at home.


Complete directions and supplies needed for each activity - supplies not included.

 Suggestions for additional activities, websites and field trips

A Parent’s notebook: Complete day by day instructions, reproducible sheets, 

and complete directions for each experiment, activity, and art project, and the answer keys!

A Student notebook: Students receive a notebook with activities sheets, crossword puzzles, 

vocabulary games, word search, and a separate field guide book that they can put together and decorate. 

Permission to copy ONLY per family -not for a VBS - contact us for pricing ... felice (at) MediaAngels.com

Monday: Day 1: Light and Dark, Day 2 Waters above and waters below

Tuesday: Day 3: Dry Land and Plants

Wednesday: Day 4: Sun, Moon, and Stars

Thursday: Day 5: All Fish and Birds

Friday: Day 6: All other Animals and Man

God rested on the 7th day.


Sample of Day One:

Monday : Page 8


Day One: Light and dark

 Genesis 1:1-5

Day Two: Waters above and waters below

 Genesis 1:6-8


1. Big Bang Theory: Paper bags/ popsicle sticks

2. What Happens to White Light When it is Bent?Mirror and flashlight


Float or Sink activity: Paper boat, various household objects

Stepping Stone Game: Paper cut out, vocabulary words, number counters

Coloring Book (Page A)

Lets Make it Rain: Pot with water, stove or hotplate, metal tray with sides, ice, towel, potholder (optional)

Nature Journal: Assemble and decorate

Music and Game:

Select from list at the end of this manual or have quiet time to read or draw.

Sample of Day Two:

Tuesday: Page 19


Day Three: Dry land and Plants

 Genesis 1:9-13


1. Volcano Demonstration: Plaster, 1 small cup, foil, large paper plate, wax paper, (or from home: inverted bowl), baking soda, vinegar


Make Your Own Water Lily: Green paper, glue

Play Dough Recipe and Pictionary: Flour and water

Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow: Fast growing seed: Lima bean, plastic bag, three cotton balls

Coloring book (Page B) 

Nature Journal: Write or draw on one or two pages

 Music and Game:

Select from list or have quiet time to read or draw

Sample of Day Three through Seven are in the same format.
 If you want a fully assembled kit the cost is $59.95 
which includes all the supplies to create your own camp - 
please contact Felice for availablilty through this website. 
Otherwise, order this downloadable handbook with all the
information you need and create your camp at home! 

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