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Mommy Jammies Night - Album One


Mommy Jammies Night - Album One

How do you take time for your girlfriends when you are a mom with a family at home. That is the question we pondered when we launched our special series of one-time-per-month getaways, all without leaving home! Our Mommy Jammies Nights are a time to kick off your shoes, put on your PJ's and listen as you are encouraged with countless other moms around the globe!

You will receive fourteen audios plus another three! That's 17 Audios!

In this set enjoy special talks from some of your favorite speakers!

These sessions are more than "seminars" or "talks" they are from the HEART so don't forget your box of tissues, and get ready for an amazing time!

Felice Gerwitz - Letting Go and Letting God

Jeanie Fulbright - Methods That Win & Methods That Wipe Out

Heidi St. John - A Guide to Romance

Joanne Calderwood - Getting Into the Zone

Melanie Young - Loving Your Mate

Lorrie Flem - 10 Suggestions For Mom

Cindy Rushton - Trash, Treasure & Trinkets

Judy Dudich - Fill The Jars with Water

Tricia Goyer - Dream of Being a Mom

Maggie Hogan - A Wife's Priorities

Tracy Klicka - Keeping HEART in Homeschooling

Felice Gerwitz - Success in Marriage Includes God

Rachel Carmen - Sound Bits From Heaven

Molly Evert - The Value of Motherhood

and if that's not enough enjoy some amazing bonuses!

Bonus 1
Homeschool Mother's Prayer by Felice Gerwitz & Gabriela Frei

Bonus 2
Judy Dudich - Don't Give Up

Bonus 3
Cindy Rushton- Lord Give Me a Vision

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