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Back to School Sampler Set


Enjoy this sample set of the Ultimate Homeschool Expo - full year.

The full year set includes 160 audios - however, here is a sample you will enjoy for BACK to school!

Check out the FULL set here on sale today! $89.97 over 160 Audios here

Just in time - the help and encouragement you need from expo host, Felice Gerwitz and a few of her friends... enjoy!

Felice Gerwitz - Beginning of the Year Checkup
Meredith Curtis - Back to School - How to Teach
Felice Gerwitz- Dinner is on the Table
Tara Jenner- Organization and Planning
Meredith Curtis- Creating a Nurturing Environment
Meredith Curtis- Rs for Homeschooling
Felice Gerwitz- Creation Unit Study
Cheryl Beech- Curriculum Junkie
Meredith Curtis- Faith and Marriage
Finish Well- I Would Rather be Texting
Homechool Prayer- One of Five Audios

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