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The Homeschool Mom's RESCUE Set


The Homeschool Mom's Rescue Set!

Over 2300 Downloaded!

Here you go -- An SOS set just for you!

Encouragement, Information and a Sample from our Ultimate Homeschool Expo Set!

$50.00 Value - Each Audio is Valued at $5.00 Each! 10 Audios for your enjoyment! Plus a Bonus Song!


Felice Gerwitz Dinner's Ready

Felice Gerwitz is the host of the Ultimate Homeschool Expo, and a prolific author and speaker. She is the owner of Media Angels, Inc. Having a busy lifestyle and three children who play sports and homeschool - sometimes it is difficult to plan meals. Here Felice shares her method that doesn't require mega-cooking! Just simple tips for getting healthy meals ready for busy homeshcool families.



Meredith Curits  7-R's For Homeschoolrs - Joyful Homeschool Mom! MeredithCurtis.com

Co-Author of the Ultimate Homeschool expo - this amazing seminar is based upon her popular book. MeredithCurtis.com


Tara Jenner Square Pegs and Round Holes TheBrainTrainers.net

Why identifying and implementing a Multi-Sensory Approach to teaching is beneficial to everyone Here you go! One of our featured expo speakers, conference favorite and co-host gives great a wonderful presentation on instilling character in children. 


Judy Dudich Too Many Eggs In My Basket

Judy discusses the
idea of feeling overly committed, taxed, and overwhelmed! It's time to get your priorities in order![Soon after recording this session Judy decided to take a break from the speaking circuit. She took her own advice!]


 Kathie Morrissey Dealing with Your Difficult Child TheCharacterCorner.com

Do you struggle with a child that is difficult or challenging?  One that causes you exasperation and takes more time and energy than all your other children put together?  How do you respond to the resentment and anger he stirs up in you?  How do you respond to him/her?  There IS hope and help!!  Get answers to these questions that will encourage you and help you deal wisely and lovingly with that child.


Felice Gerwitz Letting Go & Letting God

Everyone has some type of struggle or problem in their life - but now it's time to overcome! Chose joy, chose to let go and let God!


Meredith Curits -- Raising World Changers

Twelve men, mentored by Jesus, turned the world upside-down. Your homeschooled teens can change the world for the glory of God before and after graduation. Homeschool with purpose so that you focus on what is truly the most important as you equip your children for life, beginning in the early years.


Tara Jenner Strategies for Organizing & Planning

Is your child's room totally disorganized? Do they have trouble when you ask them to clean up their room or the kitchen? Tara shares strategies to make your life and theirs easier using a simple approach that will combat this very real problem. All you need is a roll of masking tape, a stop watch or kitchen timer, garbage bags and maybe some Ziploc bags or other sorting system! Have a camera ready to take before and after photos. 


Kathie Morrissey Frustrated & Stressed TheCharacterCorner.com

Are you a frustrated homeschooling parent? Many homeschooling parents struggle with stress, anger, and discouragement. Kathie discusses several causes of frustration, and then tells how to deal with them. She also stresses the importance of having the right spirit in dealing with our children.


Felice Gerwitz You are Precious to God

Do you realize how special you are? Do you understand the impact you have on future generations? Are you seeing the big picture?  In the day-to-day struggles of motherhood we sometimes lose our focus. How often are you consumed with providing for your family's physical and psychological needs and forgetting the most important thing? If it wasn't for YOU and your YES to the Lord, you would not be a parent. And, as such you are indeed special. During some recent trials and while deep in prayer the Lord reminded Felice of this and she wants to share this with all of you!

Homeschool Mom's Prayer Album
First Song in the Series
Included As a Bonus!

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