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DVD: Successful Science Fair Projects


Have you wanted to create a successful science fair project but didn't know where to begin? Felice Gerwitz, veteran homeschool mom and educator makes it simple to learn.

Christina and Neal Gerwitz, Felice's two oldest children loed anything to do with science and out of this interest came the natural progression of competing in science fairs. It began slowly...science competitions on the homeschool leel and developed into compeitions on the Regional leel and then a State [Homeschool] Leel!

This DVD takes you through what a good project is and what is not considered a project (but a report). You will learn what the judges look for and information about that all important abstract. The lecture is based on a book: An Insider's Guide to Successful Science Fair Projects.

Stay tuned...Felice is working on a plan for state-wide homeschool competitions and will begin to lay the foundation here in Florida this year at the FPEA convention.

This DVD presentation will be a great blessing to your family as you begin on the science fair project journey!

This purchase includes the DVD only...see set for book inclusion.

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