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2010/2011 Ultimate Homeschool Expo Fall


Do you want practical, real-life, proven ideas for keeping your holiday celebrations stress free? Are you exhausted just thinking about all the baking, buying and present wrapping, writing the "infamous" Christmas card letter, sending Christmas cards, holiday gatherings, church functions, and more? What about homeschooling during the holidays? Are you kidding me? When? I'm stressed! Am I the only one that feels this way? Join us for a dose of encouragement, for our HOLIDAY addition! A Stress free, Christ Centered Christmas!

This holiday set contains 35+ audios

  • A Holiday Memory Book
  • An original song, "Homeshcool Mom's Prayers"
  • Handouts, eBooks and special offers from our speakers

Here is the list of speakers:

    • Andrew Pudewa
    • Beth Jones
    • Bethany LeBedz
    • Carol Topp
    • Christine Field
    • Cindy Rushton
    • Cindy West
    • Cris and Katherine Loop
    • Evonne Mandella
    • Felice Gerwitz
    • Gabriela Frei
    • Hal and Melanie Young
    • Janice Campbell
    • Jennifer Schwilling
    • JoJo Tabares
    • Kathy Kuhl
    • Kerry Beck
    • Lee Binz
    • Laurie Neuman
    • Lois Graham
    • Lori Lane
    • Lorrie Flem
    • Mary Jo Tate
    • Meredith Curtis
    • Molly Evert
    • Rachel Starr Thomson
    • Regina Hicks
    • Sharon Jeffus
    • Sherri Johnson
    • Sheila Carrol
    • Stephanie Buckwalter
    • Susan Evans
    • Susan Scott
    • Sue Pruett
    • Terri Johnson
    • Vicky Bentley

    Get two years 2010-2011 for one low price for a limited time!

    This is a collection you will listen to again and again! A great resource for Christian moms everywhere! 

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