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American Government - Elections


One Semester Class for Middle School and High School Students! 

Taught from a Conservative Christian perspective. This has been recorded and is available NOW and On Demand. Listen on your own time!

No special equipment!

American Government and Elections Class

Have you wondered how to provide an inspiring and thought provoking look at American Government and the USA Election process? Well, look no further. Your instructor is retired teacher and two-times American History Teacher of the Year from West Virginia, Mr. Woody Wilson. (Woody is the brother-in-law of Felice Gerwitz of Media Angels, Inc.)

Felice asked Woody to teach her own children

And it began with a compelling and full length American History and Presidential class. This class was such a success with On Demand viewing and real time class participation that Felice decided to request another class this time in regard to the upcoming Presidential elections! (American History Class is Available for immediate download here)

This class is for middle grades and high school. Mr. Wilson's mild mannered and engaging story -telling manner allows younger children to get so much out of these classes! Here are some of the comments from our past participants:

"Felice, I just wanted you to know my family will sign up for any classes Mr. Wilson teaches, he is great!" ~ Lorrie Flem, author and homeschool parent, Eternal Encouragement Magazine

"Not only did Sierra get so much out of this class, but also Simon who is much younger. Thanks for offering it and thanks to Mr. Wilson for his patience with all of our questions." Tara Jenner ~ homeschool parent, special needs expert, TheBrainTrainers.com

"Thank you Prof. Woody for making the statement of avoiding alcohol all of your life." I have been teaching my boys, Caleb and Ethan for the past couple of weeks regarding why it is not a good thing to drink wine and strong drink based on Prov 31:4-7, Prov. 20:1, and Ish 28:7 and when you mentioned it Caleb looked at me and said Prof. Woody said it not good to drink too and smiled. It is such a blessing to have Godly men teach children and steer them in the way they should go. Thank you." Peacock Family, homeschool parent.

Value for your dollar!

As a long-time homeschool parent, Felice understands a value of a good education at a reasonable price, therefore this class is only $5 per class session for the entire family.

Here is how it all works:

Watch the videos of each class right on your computer. No special equipment. 

Every class is one hour long - and we watched two each day. However, you may decide to watch two per week.

Sign up with a one-time payment.
  1. Receive class details on how to obtain the On Demand recordings.
  2. Watch on YOUR time during your own schedule. 
  3. Handouts and timely information will be provided with each class on our members only website.

You won't want to miss this class.

Blessings, Your Host, Felice Gerwitz

Felice is an author, homeschool mom and owner of Media Angels, Inc., and host of the Ultimate Homeschool Expo. Please visit Felice on her website: http://www.MediaAngels.com for more information about products, books or classes.

About Professor Wilson

Woody is a retired teacher who participated in three Teaching American History grant programs, and in the same time period attended seminars that explored new ideas for teaching critical thinking and writing skills, as well as research-based teaching techniques that engage students in the analytical learning process. Woody was twice selected West Virginia US History Teacher of the Year, and currently teaches both US history and social studies methods classes at Ohio Valley University. He and his wife Jeanie currently reside in Parkersburg, WV.

Weekly ~ $10.00 x 16 Classes = $160

Please visit the website for more details

at http://www.MediaAngels.com/AmericanGov

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