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Truth Seekers Mystery Series - 3 Novels and 3 Study Guides Set


Need a great gift? This is perfect for your children, grandchildren or friends!

Listen to an interview with Felice (mom) and Christina (daughter) as relates to the Truth Seeker's Mystery Series books.

Spark your child's interest in Creation Studies WITHOUT Trying!

Race through hundreds of pages of heart-pounding suspense, mystery and adventure...as the Murphy teens make startling discoveries. Each noel focuses on a different mystery and revolves around the Evolution s. Creation debate.

WHY should you care?

Because most children loose their faith once they leave their homes and many because they believe evolution to be true and the Bible a "nice" collection of stories for children and old women. EVOLUTION PROOF YOUR CHILDREN TODAY!

This series is:

1.A page-turner, kids do not want to put it down
2.Written by a kid for a kid (with the help of her mom)
3.Published by the kidsí mom (that's me)
4.The characters are good role models yet adventurous
5.The story is engaging and educational

A Collectors Item--The entire set This set includes 3-novels from the Truth Seekers Mystery SeriesTM by Felice Gerwitz and Christina Gerwitz Titles include:

  • The Missing Link Found
  • Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak
  • Keys to the Past: Unlocked
  • Literature Guide: Missing Link Found
  • Literature Guide: Dinosaur Quest
  • Literature Guide: Keys to the Past

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