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Ultimate Homeschool Expo

Ultimate Homeschool Expo Speakers

Toni Anderson

Toni Anderson is a military spouse and a homeschooling mom to seven, four girls and three boys. She homeschools using a variety of methods, from Charlotte Mason, to Classical, and a little unschooling and workbooks thrown in occasionally. She also is the publisher and founder of an online magazine dedicated to helping woman be better managers of their homes, and a consultant for Toni and her family enjoy soccer, camping, reading, finding the best yard sales, and all things Disney. Toni and her family currently reside in the suburbs of Washington, DC.
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Matthew Bullington

Matthew Bullington is a homeschool graduate passionately committed to helping home educating families across the nation navigate the process of homeschooling high school. Matthew and his two graduated siblings were all paid or fully funded to go to college. Matthew attended Middle Tennessee State University, and ultimately received over a half million in scholarships and assistantship offers for undergraduate and graduate school. After being approached by numerous homeschool families for college preparation advice, Matthew launched UniversityReady in 2007. Five years later, UniversityReady continues to help homeschoolers providing print, media, and online resources specifically targeting the unique needs of homeschool teens in the process of developing and pursuing a vision for their future. Matthew is the contributing author for all tips and advice in the extremely popular Well-Planned Day high school and college planners and is a high school columnist for The Home-Educating Family Magazine. Matthew speaks on the topics of homeschooling high school, college preparation, planning and organization, character and vision development, relationships and courtship, and alternatives to the traditional college route, and has spoken to homeschool groups, at conventions, and in schools across the country. When off the road, Matthew resides with his beautiful bride Meagan in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
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Rebecca Brandt

Rebecca remarried the love of her life and witnesses the beauty of God's grace and mercy every day. Her goal is to immerse her children in God's love, word, grace and mercy so that He is the only one they seek to glorify. You can find Rebecca on Facebook, twitter and her Blog  
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Karen Campbell

Karen Campbell, aka “thatmom,” has a passion for encouraging parents as they seek to build strong relationships with their children through homeschooling! She has been married to her husband, Clay, for 37 years and together they homeschooled 6 children on the Illinois prairie and are enjoying the delight of 13 homeschooled grandchildren! An award winning speaker, Karen weaves spiritual truth into the stories she shares about marriage and family life. You can follow her at or at Relationship Homeschooling on FB. She is also a regular contributor to Home Educating Family magazine.
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Bill & Merilee

Bill Clifton, a former evolutionist, has a passion for God’s creation!  His desire is to share his knowledge of science and the Bible to help others understand our incredible Creator and His handiwork.  For over 30 years, Bill has taught various science, Bible, and creation classes for public, Christian, and home schools.  He was head of SeaWorld Orlando's Education Department and served as Minister of Education in a local church before he and his wife Merilee founded Science Partners in 2000, partnering with homeschool families for science education from a creation perspective.  They offer creation-based science classes for homeschoolers in central Florida; lead Creation Adventures for homeschool families, Christian schools, and churches (for details check out this link:; and Bill is a creation speaker.
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Mike Curtis

Mike is married to Ultimate Homeschool Expo, co-host, Meredith Curtis. Mike's full live includes the title, "Pastor," of Powerline Church. Many of his congregation are young, with roughly three-quarters of our members being under the age of 30 and half of those being under the age of 20. The young adults represent many of the local colleges and universities while almost all of our elementary school children are homeschooled. If you are in the Lake Mary, Orlando area Mike invites you to visit their church.
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Meredith Curtis ~ Expo co-host

Meredith’s life is centered around my family, home, and local church. She loves Jesus with all her heart, as do her five amazing children and college sweetheart-turned-husband and pastor. The Curtis home is like Grand Central Station. There are always people stopping by, hanging out, dropping something off, or popping in. Sometimes, it is quiet and peaceful, but often loud and chaotic. People are always spending a night or two. Sometimes people move in for a few months or years. Meredith Curtis, worship leader, pastor’s wife, and homeschooling mom since 1991, is the author of Joyful and Successful Homeschooling, Quick and EZ Unit Study Fun, A Wise Woman Builds, God’s Girls Beauty Secrets, God’s Girls Talk about Boys, Dating, Courtship, & Marriage, Economics, Finance, and Business Class, Who-Dun It Murder Mystery Class, Travel to London Unit Study, Seven R’s of Homeschooling, Real Men 101: Godly Manhood Class, and more! She is a co-host of Finish Well, a conference for homeschooling high school families.
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Katie Beth Curtis

Katie Beth has worked with the teens at her church, Powerline for over 10 years. She loves the energy that teens have and the passion with which they can love Jesus! She loves ministering to the young women especially, through small Bible studies and one-on-one discipleships. In a perfect world, Katie Beth could write, counsel, lead Bible studies, bake, and disciple all her girls for all her days! As it is, she works on the side as a professor at UCF, where God has opened doors for sharing the Gospel. After seeing so many "Christian" classmates and then students fall away from Christ in college, Katie Beth has developed a passion to help young people become grounded in their faith before and during college. Despite her natural shyness, God has been growing her in witnessing to students at UCF and to teens in her city. She has been excited to lead a Bible study at UCF for young women and see them give their lives or more of their lives to Christ. She also loves teaching at Finish Well, equipping teens and parents for staying strong in Jesus through college. Katie Beth loves the Word of God, soaking it in each day and then imparting it to others. She also loves worship and worship dance, both privately and at church. Kate's biggest dream is to help young women find true intimacy with Jesus. This desire has resulted in the current novel she is working on about 2 women who fall in love with Jesus: The Alabaster Jar.  
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Julianna Curtis

Julianna Curtis, a homeschool grad, graduated from Stetson University in 2011, Summa Cum Laude, with a degree in Accounting Information Systems. She now is a Systems Analyst at Aon Hewitt, and is a L.I.F.E. group leader and worship team singer at Powerline Church. She managed her own college admission and her younger sister, Jenny Rose's, college admission, including numerous others along the way.  
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Tom DeRosa

Tom is the Executive Director & Founder of the Creation Studies Ministry. Mr. DeRosa left the seminary and the church thinking he was throwing away his faith, but in reality, he had only found a new religion: evolution. However, in 1978, he accepted Jesus Christ as Lord of his life. Soon after, he studied the area of Creation at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and has come to the conclusion that a lack of knowledge of the biblical account of creation is greatly responsible for many barriers that keep people from Christ. His commitment to breaking down those barriers, and to fill believers with the knowledge that will allow them to do the same, is what led Tom to form Creation Studies Institute in 1988.
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Judy Dudich

Judy Dudich is the author of "I Surrender", the study guide for women seeking Christ as the center of their daily lives. She is the owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life; the website that uplifts, encourages, and supports you in your daily family life journey. With her husband, Tom, Judy is blessed with 10 children and 4 grand-children and enjoys learning along-side the 8 kids who are still at home with them each day. Judy has successfully taught all grades, K-12, and is in her 12th year of homeschooling. She writes as a regular columnist on several websites, including: FAR Above Rubies and Judy's online radio show, Mothers at Home, can be heard on Blog Talk Radio. Her passion and mission is to open her heart as God's vessel in order to help others restore and enrich marriage and family life in the modern world. Judy pulled her blog in late 2012 hoping to spend more time and focus with her family.
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Jennifer Dunlap

Jen blogs at Forever, For Always, No Matter What.  She has one amazing husband and six eclectic kids.  Stop in for a visit as she blogs about their Catholic faith, homeschooling and adoption, all while trying to fit in exercise and healthy eating.  Jen can also be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.  
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Annie Eskeldson

After providing tens of thousands of hours of therapy and homeschooling for our autistic daughter, I felt inspired to write Children's Books for families coping with autism.  After our daughter was diagnosed with autism, nearly severe, I was very unhappy with the zero level of hope given to us   Providing therapy myself was really our only option.  Today, years later at age 8, Ashi is a thriving, creative, social, straight A student who has lofty goals for her future.  It has taken hard work and great perseverance.  She can do everything and more than I was told she'd never do.  I want to inspire moms to work hard with their autists. There is a special healing that comes when Mom is the therapist.  Even if you receive therapy somewhere else, the biggest success comes from work done at home.  It starts with learning to validate our children, understanding their behaviors and the autistic mind, and learning how to change the environment around them and ourselves, instead of changing them.  Being autistic is a gift, just like all life.  There is purpose and happiness when all people, including young autists, get to live up to their potential.  Parents who believe in them help make that a reality.
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Lorrie Flem

I’m Lorrie Flem and my finest accomplishments are being Randy’s Rib and Mama to 8 fantastic children.What I love to do is help Christian women be even better Christian women by adding contentment, joy, and fulfillment to your world than you ever dreamed possible. How? By giving you resources that you can instantly use to make your life easier and a lot more fun. In short . . . I’m here to make you rich. Rich with things that are eternally valuable like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, strength, self-control, etc. I’m a born-n-raised Washintonian’ girl with nothing more than passion, a hot husband, 8 children, 1 daughter-in-love and no grandbabies (fiddle!) and an awesome God.That’s because I’m a Christian women who loves families and women and wants to see them thrive and succeed in their goals. I’m part encourager, part how-to maven, and part spiritual rear end-kicker, all delivered with love and a smile!
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Kendra Fletcher

Kendra Fletcher is the homeschooling mother of eight, ages 20 down to 5.  She has never home schooled without the presence of preschoolers, and loves to encourage other moms beginning their homeschool journeys with little ones underfoot.  She is the preschool columnist for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and the author of a popular ebook about creating a Circle Time for your homeschool. Her homeschooling website and blog can be found at, and her personal author blog can be found at KendraFletcher
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LaToya Edwards

LaToya is a single, homeschooling mom of two bouncing boys. She lives for the quiet moments of the day which are few and far between with two rambunctious young men running around the house. She strives each day to life fully for God and although she often falls short she is determined to stay the course. She wants to encourage women to follow God’s direction for their lives no matter the circumstances.
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Lea Ann Garfias

Lea Ann Garfias is the Director of Product Reviews for Home Educating Association. A homeschool graduate and home educating mother of four, she is passionate about connecting the homeschool community with quality educational materials. She is even more passionately in love with her husband, David. Lea Ann writes on biblical home education for local and national homeschool publications and on her blog.
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Felice Gerwitz - host

Felice Gerwitz is wife, and mother to five, who loves the Lord. She is happiest when baking, and surrounded by family and friends. When not cooking up new ideas, she designs curriculum and loves hosting events like the monthly Mommy Jammies Nights live online. She is a serial entrepreneur, an author and publisher at & host of Ultimate Homeschool Expo. Eight of Felice’s titles were selected for inclusion in both of Cathy Duffy’s Books: Top 100 and the newest book, Top 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum. Felice has homeschooled since 1986 and loves mentoring moms throughout the world with her online events.
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Kelly Hancock

Kelly Hancock left her job as a successful sales rep for a Fortune 500 company when her daughter was born. Because her family (and her mortgage) had depended on two incomes, this exile from corporate America learned quickly to live on less than half the family’s former income. With no special training (and an initial repulsion to budgeting of any kind!) she figured if she could learn how to do it, anyone could. Mastering the principles of what she calls, “Grocery Savings,” she began to share her journey with others on her daily cost-cutting blog,, which led to her book, Saving Savvy: Smart and Easy Ways to Cut Your Spending in Half and Raise Your Standard of Living...and Giving. Today Kelly is a homeschooling mother of two who continues to divulge the secrets of her amazing saving savvy, showing homeschooling families how to save money and live generously. Kelly, her husband Bradford, and their children make their home near Nashville, TN.
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Jenny Herman

Jenny enjoys interacting with homeschoolers as the Social Media Manager for Home Educating Family. She is also excited to bring special needs homeschooling to a mainstream magazine. She and her husband Greg are learning to view life through the eyes of their sons--one with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and one with a propensity for pretending. You’ll find lots of interesting stories about finding grace in autism over at her blog, Find her reviews at Home Educating Family Reviews.
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Joyce Herzog

Joyce Herzog is a gifted teacher and author of many educational products that simplify teaching for you and learning for your students. Joyce taught classrooms of learning disabled students in private and public schools for many years and has been working with homeschooling families for two decades.  She has addressed rapt  audiences of appreciative parents and teachers all across the United States and Canada.  Joyce continues to reach the world through her  writing, tutoring in her local area and long-distance email and telephone consultations.
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Tyler Hogan

In 1991, the Hogans stepped outside the box and began homeschooling their two young sons, JB and Tyler. Now graduated and with a family of his own, Tyler works with his parents, Bob and Maggie Hogan at Bright Ideas Press. His job is to bring new, amazing curriculum to the homeschool market; which means I get to work on cool thing like my new e-atlas, WonderMaps, and The Mystery of History. I also sometimes blog about geography, ministry, and homeschooling at

His other job is Operations Manager at Grace for Dover: a non-profit Christian Community Development Organization in Dover, Delaware. We’re an umbrella organization for all kinds of amazing ministries, doing things like job readiness training, financial literacy, ESL, respite care for families and children with disabilities, and lots of other awesome projects still in the works.

Homeschooling Moms are busy!  Bright Ideas gets that. And that’s why they promise to publish Christian-oriented curriculum that will fit into your hectic lives, curriculum that is both affordable and easy-to-use with children of different ages at the same time. Curriculum that busy Moms love! The team at Bright Ideas Press prays that their products and resources will not only simplify lives but also inspire, encourage, and enable parents to effectively educate their children.

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Katie Honor

Katie Hornor is Christ-follower, and a passionate promoter of the Spanish homeschool movement. She loves purple, elephants, books and Mayan hammocks. She has a master’s degree in education and experience with education in the public, Christian and homeschool arenas. She and her husband have been missionaries in Mexico since 2007 and home educate their four children. Katie enjoys encouraging women at Spanish and English events, to joyfully pursue God in the unique sphere of influence in which He has placed them. Katie blogs for your encouragement on marriage, motherhood and ministry topics at, and she blogs in Spanish for home educators at The Hornors own, an online Christian bookstore specializing in homeschool materials, sacred music, and discipleship materials. They have also developed a Christ-centered, literature based, complete homeschool curriculum in Spanish for Spanish-speaking families. They expect that the Pre-school, Kindergarten and First Grade kits will be available by mid-summer 2013, and have plans for Second and Third grades to be released in 2014. Click here to find out more. (
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Eric Hovind

Born in Kankakee, Illinois, Creation Speaker Eric Hovind was blessed with the opportunity of growing up in a Christian home under the incredible biblical teachings of his father. Eric says that his father always challenged him with new ideas and projects, including everything from carpentry to Bible studies in order to better serve the Lord.

During summers throughout his junior high and high school years, Eric traveled with his dad where he was speaking about creation, evolution and dinosaurs. It was during his third summer of traveling with his father that Eric realized that he never grew tired of the subject! Hearing creation lectures and debates hundreds of times never became boring. As he listened to his dad teach, Eric, too, surrendered his entire life to serving God by delivering the salvation message.

After completing his high school studies at Pensacola Christian Academy in 1997, Eric graduated from Jackson Hole Bible College in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Co-founded by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis and Dr. Don Landis of Jackson Hole Community Bible Church, Jackson Hole Bible College was designed to give students a solid biblical foundation with a special creation emphasis. To further his education in evangelism, Eric then attended Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Eric began full-time ministry service in 1999. He served in every ministry capacity including: maintenance, construction, and video production, as well as traveling and speaking.  In 2007 at the age of 30, Eric committed the rest of his life work to the ministry of reaching people through the creation message and founded God Quest ministries and Creation Today.  Eric was ordained on November 8, 2008 at Harbor Baptist Church, Orange Park, Florida.

Eric has had the privilege of speaking in five foreign countries and all fifty states presenting and debating the life-changing message about our Creator. He lives in Pensacola, Florida with his wife, Tanya, and three children, Stephanie, Angie and Jordan. Eric and the Creation Today team’s efforts have reached 260 countries and their mission remains steadfast: impact the world to KNOW and DEFEND their creator—GOD!

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Tara Jenner

Tara Jenner is a former prosecutor and healthcare attorney who spent almost 10 years in the USAF. She is the wife of Keith Susko MD and mother of Sierra and Simon. As a homeschooler with a child who has overcome learning disabilities, Tara has devoted the last four years working with children and adults to help them in a similarly dramatic way. Through her business, The Brain Trainers, she uses the science of neural plasticity to accomplish this. She specializes in helping individuals with learning difficulties, stoke and traumatic brain injury. Having always desired to be a stand up comedienne, Tara also is a youth speaker whose motivational talks inspire young audiences to look at their world differently.

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Kim Jones

Adventure called! Kim answered! National Park Ranger Kim Jones lived adventure as a park ranger in the Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area in Washington! Interpreting the mysteries of science and history to park visitors, Kim’s love of nature and adventure met a perfect match! With this perfect match of science and adventure however, there was hidden challenge…

Raised in a godly home, Kim became a Christian at a young age. She treasured God’s word and was interested in the study of creation. However, in her job as a park ranger, Kim’s faith and belief in creation was challenged! The answer to that challenge came from an unexpected place…a mountain that had been blown to bits!

Exploring the far reaches of Washington and Oregon during her time off, Kim discovered the Seven Wonders Creation Museum near Mt. St. Helens, in Washington. The jaw-dropping evidences of creation that she learned there helped reinforce Kim’s faith and spurred her on to work at the museum and assist in guided tours of the volcanic area the next summer. That summer was when the “Mystery Ranger Series” was born.

Kim’s trail adventures along life’s path also include being a fourth grade teacher, curriculum designer and teacher for outdoor school programs, Arkansas State Park Naturalist, assistant backcountry guide and counselor and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Outdoor Education from Northern Illinois University.

Kim’s passion for teaching children about God’s Creation in nature through hands-on experiential fun-filled activities can be seen in her first book in the Mystery Ranger Series, “Mystery Rangers: The Case of the Missing Mountain!”

Kim continues enjoying teaching about God’s Creation through writing, hands-on natural interpretation, games, team building and public speaking. Kim is married and has two dogs and one cat.

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Mike and Sarah Jeffords

Mike and Sarah are a godly young couple who live what they teach. They enjoyed a long friendship, courtship, engagement, a lovely wedding. Now, God has blessed them with Micah, a handsome little baby. Mike and Sarah serve as LIFE group leaders at Powerline Community Church, Speak at Finish Well homeschooling conference, and mentor young men and women. Mike is the Assistant Manager at Peach Valley Cafe in Dr. Phillips where God has been using him to reach the lost. Sarah is a homemaker and brand new mommy. She is the co-author of God's Girls Beauty Secrets with Meredith Curtis.
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Sharon Jeffus

Sharon and her late husband, Richard, started Visual Manna to encourage young Christians in the arts and meet the needs of visual and kinesthetic leaners.  They taught art to thousands of homeschoolers across America. They homeschooled their two boys, now graduated and adults. Sharon is a highly degreed artist and her site contains wonderful resources. “My goal is to provide educational materials for children to make them feel good about who they are.  I want them to love learning and view it as an exciting discovery.  Children who view themselves as being physically different, some with learning disabilities; children in schools in the inner city, children who are creatively gifted; all can benefit from finding their place to shine in the arts and can feel good about who God created them to be. ” I also teach live on the internet at Red Oak Academy, an online school for gifted students and special needs students.
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Kim Kautzer

Kim Kautzer loves to help parents feel more confident about teaching writing. Award-winning WriteShop, her unique and successful writing program, has been honored as one of Cathy Duffy’s 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum. A homeschool veteran herself, Kim has experienced the ups and downs of life and faith: She knows what it’s like to homeschool during bleak times, and encourages moms to press into God as they weather their own storms. Kim and her husband Jim have been married 37 years. They enjoy seven rambunctious grandchildren and their sometimes-empty nest in Southern California. Kim enjoys writing, speaking, and drinking English breakfast tea. She blogs about writing at In Our Write Minds.
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Rebecca Keliher

Rebecca Keliher is the brains, the beauty, and the brawn behind Home Educating Family, a company dedicated to providing an increasing variety of resources for Christian families. Home Educating Family Magazine packs a year's worth of thoughtful, relevant content into every single quarterly issue. A growing line of print and digital planners help homeschoolers ensure that every day is A Well Planned Day. A variety of web-based resources provide valuable information, timely encouragement, and a sense of community for homeschoolers from all walks of life. Rebecca is not only the driving force behind Home Educating Family, she is also wife to Scot and homeschooling mama to five energetic children. Together Scot and Rebecca want to be a part of raising up a generation of kids who are spiritually and intellectually equipped, not just to survive, but to go out and change the world. ….and changing the world starts at home
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Kathy Kuhl

Kathy Kuhl began homeschooling in 1997, after years trying to help her son succeed in school despite learning and attention problems. She homeschooled him for grades 4-12, then interviewed 64 homeschoolers for her book, Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner, a handbook for parents. Kathy graduated from William and Mary, earning teaching certificates in mathematics and English. She helps homeschoolers with exceptional children and families beginning to homeschool, by giving private consultations. She gives workshops internationally at homeschool conventions and support groups. She promotes homeschooling by speaking at national conferences of patient advocacy organizations and writing for magazines and her newsletter. She teaches math to homeschooled teens and runs a support group for homeschoolers with special needs children. Married twenty-nine years, the Kuhls have two grown children. They live in Herndon, Virginia, and are members of New Hope Presbyterian Church. Kathy’s website is and she can be reached at
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Heather Laurie

My name is Heather Laurie. My husband, Christopher and I have been married for 15 wonderful years. We have been blessed with 5 children, and 3 angels awaiting us in Heaven. We began our homeschooling journey 10 years ago. We found out that our children and I have a mitochondrial disorder. It causes a large variety of medical and learning problems. This has brought our homeschooling journey to many unexpected places. We have homeschooled in the hospital, many a doctor’s office, and therapy parking lots. Four of the kids are on the autism spectrum and have varying levels of sensory issues. The wide variety of problems the children have dealt with or are dealing with has left me uniquely positioned to cover first hand a large variety of problems. I began my blog to reach out and help other families homeschooling with special needs. My blog Special Needs Homeschooling has grown since then bigger than I ever imagined. My blog now has a Facebook page and group that are highly active. I have written several articles for The Old Schoolhouse,, several ezines and several group blogs. Special Needs Homeschooling is also listed as a resource with Home School Legal Defense Agency and Autism Speaks!
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Jen Lilienstein

Jen is passionate about helping parents and teachers unearth, celebrate, and nurture the myriad of ways in which our kids are smart. Her book, A Parent's Playbook for Learning, and website, help parents and teachers understand how the kids in their lives are naturally "wired" to learn best. Jen currently serves on the Editorial Board of the National Afterschool Association, the Publications and Platform Committees of the NAA, the Quality Committee of the CA Afterschool Network, and advocates for Afterschool for All with the Afterschool Alliance. She is also a member of  ASCD.
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Kristin Lindeen

As daughter of author John G. Miller, Kristin has been steeped in QBQ! material most of her life! After dabbling in a career in higher education, Kristin chose to join her father in spreading the message of Personal Accountability and the QBQ! to all types of organizations.  Kristin has shared QBQ! with numerous corporate and non-profit clients including Verizon Wireless, Wells Fargo, Best Buy, Dallas Market Center, McDonald’s, Westinghouse, State Farm, Girl Scouts of America, USA Diving and North Dakota State College of Science. Kristin lives in Madison, WI with her husband Erik and children Joshua and Rebecca. When not traveling, she enjoys hiking, volunteering at her church, and spending time with family and friends. QBQ, Inc. is an organizational development firm based in Denver, CO that specializes in training on personal accountability. The books, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question and Flipping the Switch ... Unleashing the Power of Personal Accountability have sold over half a million copies worldwide in 20 languages.  
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Kathie Morrissey

Kathie Morrissey, the mother of 8 children, is a committed homeschooling mom of 26 years.  Kathie is the founder of the Courtship Connection, as well as a popular speaker at homeschool conventions and support groups, family seminars, and mother/daughter banquets.  Her heart's desire is to help and encourage parents in raising Godly children with strong Christian character.  Her six oldest have graduated from their homeschool, and she continues to teach the two youngest..
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Heather Nieman

Heather is married to her best friend and blessed to be called “mom” by 3 awesome boys (and 2 German Shepherds). She blogs about homeschooling, her faith and their family (coffee mug in hand!) at Homeschooling...On Faith and Coffee
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Amy Pak

From the beginning of our schooling experience, I dreaded the thought of teaching history to my children as it was a topic of particular distaste in my own school years, until I came up with the idea of using timelines as a great visual resource to pull the whole idea of history together. It made sense and gave a concrete foundation for fitting all the topics into place. As we studied history through living books, drama, writing, etc., I fell in love with the topic of history, as it had become a new and exciting venture to be explored--far different than the boring textbooks I remembered in high school! With the timeline a mandatory tool, I found myself having trouble finding images that I liked. I had been a graphic designer/illustrator both in an agency and as a free-lancer for several years, and my choice of art was rather picky. I vowed that, Lord willing, someday I would create figures that were classic and realistic in illustration. With young ones and a lot on my plate, the time was not to be then. We'd began a website in 1998 that offered some of our unit studies we'd developed to homeschool moms, however it wasn't until 2002 that I felt the Lord give me the "o.k." to proceed with the timeline project that had sat on a back burner for so long. With the support and blessing of my husband and family, I began researching and illustrating figures to accompany the history materials we were using at the time, and Home School in the Woods was born.
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Steven Policastro

Steven is going to be a senior this coming year at Stetson University double-majoring in Political Science and Business Management for the attainment of BAs. His passion for The Lord leads him to a yearning to see people be transformed through The Gospel of Jesus Christ and get plugged into the local church; for teens specifically, he says, "it is imperative to be building relationships and to continually be acting/speaking/thinking in ways which honor The Lord - as I like to say, 'we should be... Heaven-focused. God-fearing. Christ-centered. Spirit-led.' at all times in all circumstances."  
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Andrew Pudewa

Andrew Pudewa is the founder, principal speaker, and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing. Presenting throughout North America, he addresses issues relating to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music with clarity, insight, practical experience, and humor. His seminars for parents, students, and teachers have helped transform many a reluctant writer and have equipped educators with powerful tools to dramatically improve students' skills. Although he is a graduate of the Talent Education Institute in Japan (Suzuki Method) and holds a Certificate of Child Brain Development, his best endorsement is from a young Alaskan boy who called him "the funny man with the wonderful words." He and his beautiful, heroic wife Robin are parents of seven, grandparents of five, and educators of their two youngest children at home in Oklahoma’s Green Country.
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Carrie Raab

Carrie, owner of Young Living Oil Lady, loves people and desires to listen and help them whether it is a spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional need. Because of her love for people, sports, fitness, health and overall wellness, she decided to go back to school, after she received her degree in Psychology, to become a Physical Therapist. Upon completion of her degree, she worked at a Sports Medicine Clinic, mainly treating athletes. She worked until the Lord blessed her and her husband with their first child. She left her role as a career woman to stay home with her newborn son. She has been a stay at home mom ever since! This “stay at home” path led her down the road of homeschooling her now two adorable sons. She uses the word of God as her plumb line and is very passionate about her Lord and Savior. She believes God created everything in the garden for our good. She uses all natural products, loves raw whole foods, and prefers Young Living essential oils versus popping pills. She shares her passion for healthy living on her blog.
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Jen Reyneri

Jen Reyneri is one of those creative soul mamas who just inspire the holy heck out of you. Her talented eye behind the camera is equaled only by her voice, and she has that rare ability to breathe new life into a moment…an image…a day. Her postcards are her platform.  Jen is always “on the move” – with her work, her kids, her husband, and her faith. It’s Jen’s passion to inspire families to GO into all the world! She and her knight-in-shining-suitcase armor, husband Luis, homeschool their two sons by teaching what really matters- building: bridges, a family grounded in the Lord, future leaders, eternal relationships, and Legos.  Jen is a visionary, strategist, author, artist, poet and is the founder of Word She is developing a kids’ poetry curriculum and writing her first full length book: Finding Jesus in Wine & Vegas. She’s spirited, Spirit-filled…and she’s contagious.
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Sherri Seligson

Sherri is an enthusiastic marine biologist, avid educational writer, and seasoned homeschool mother. She and her husband, David, have been home educating their four children for 19 years, having graduated three (and still smiling).

Prior to her promotion to “mother,” Sherri earned a degree in biology/pre-medicine and worked as a marine biologist for the Living Seas Pavilion in EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World. In her position as an aquarist, Sherri worked with predatory ocean creatures and published research on shark behavior along with writing several articles for science publications.

As a homeschooler, Sherri leads many science field trips as well as teaches junior high and high school science classes to homeschooled students. She brings an excitement to her classes and enjoys teaching and encouraging students, helping them to discover their strengths and passions and use those skills to bless others.

Sherri is the author of Apologia Educational Ministries’ Exploring Creation with Marine Biology high school science curriculum. She has also authored several unit study ebooks  for Grace Hill Media to accompany the feature films, Dolphin Tale  and War Horse, as well as the DVD educational series, Little Angels.

Speaking at homeschool conventions, ladies’ retreats, and science fairs, Sherri brings a humorous and encouraging angle to subjects that are often challenging and difficult. Her desire to inform, educate, and inspire mothers and their teens is evident in her dynamic presentations. You can find out more about Sherri’s books at,, and her personal website,

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Shirley Solis

Gus and Shirley Solis have been married since 1993. They have six children and are based in Homestead, Florida. For the last six years, they have traveled the country, with their family business, Lifetime Books and Gifts, catering to the needs of homeschooling families as they share their hearts on life and educational issues. Shirley, a dynamic and encouraging speaker, has touched the hearts of many around the country. With her delightful, upbeat personality and her convicting message, she shares her life experiences while inspiring and encouraging the Body of Christ to fulfill their God-given purpose. She is the creator of the “Building Character with Your Children” program, author of Not Just Tacos~An Insight Into Latin American Cuisine Cookbook, and creator of the Learning Shower Series.
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Marnie Swedberg

Marnie Swedberg is a "graduated" homeschool mom. She is the author of 12 books, manages the family restaurant and retail store, hosts her own radio talk show plus does media and speaking appearances.Marnie shares her broad experience as she mentors thousands of super busy leaders with her unique approach to being B.U.S.Y. - Best Unique Strategies for You. She is fun and fast-paced, yet peaceful and approachable. Her history includes fires, floods, a tornado, car wrecks, business set-backs, a burglary, lightning strike, ambulance rides and more. She models come-back behavior, possibility thinking and profound faith. As the webhostess of, the largest online directory of its kind in the world, she connects, influences and encourages millions of women each year. As a public speaker, she has presented for large corporations including Honeywell, Prudential, Pillsbury, AT&T and others; for non-profit groups including Chambers of Commerce, Professional Women’s Clubs, public libraries, speaker training conferences, Women of Today, writers conferences and so on; for Christian women’s retreats plus programs for denominations including Baptists, Catholics, A/G, EFree, Lutherans and many others. As a media guest, she hosts her own radio talk show and has appeared on dozens of TV and radio talk and home shows plus has been interviewed by newspapers, magazines, blogs and more.
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Mary Jo Tate

Mary Jo Tate, author of Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms (coming from Apologia in 2013), is blessed with four wonderful sons and has been educating them at home since 1997. She teaches homeschoolers, single moms, and work-at-home moms how to balance family life and home business and how to find peace in the space between the ideal and reality. An international editor and book coach since 1986, she specializes in helping entrepreneurs, speakers, and other experts author a book . . . whether or not they can write. She is the author of How Do You Do It All? Proven Strategies for Balancing Family Life and Home Business in the Real World; Critical Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald; and Get Started as a Freelance Editor. A lifelong bibliophile, Mary Jo loves to share her passion for reading and writing and has a heart to help, encourage, and inspire other homeschoolers. Visit for a free copy of From Frazzled to Focused, an e-book on planning for busy moms.  
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Carol Topp

Carol Topp and her husband are "retired" homeschool parents. For the last 13 years they homeschooled their two daughters. As they got older Carol expanded her accounting practice and launched a website to help nonprofit homeschool organizations. Carol, a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) specialized in tax preparation, small/micro business accounting, and nonprofit accounting. She works from her home office in Cincinnati Ohio. She enjoys public speaking, writing magazine articles and helping nonprofit organizations. She speaks on a variety of topics.  In 2008 she launched her first book, Homeschool Co-ops: How to Start Them, Run Them and Not Burn Out. Homeschool co-ops are groups of homeschooling parents that voluntarily unite together to educate their children. Carol is the author of Micro Business for Teens, Homeschool Loans, and Information in a Nutshell: Business Tips and Taxes for Writers.
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Megan Zechman

Megan Zechman lives in Central Florida with her husband Craig and their two beautiful daughters. She has been homeschooling both girls from the beginning and loves the freedom it brings to their family. Most days you will find them out of the house doing something fun and educational. She encourages and supports other homeschool moms throughout Central Florida. You can find her at
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