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Ultimate Homeschool Expo

Ultimate Teen Expo with Bonus

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The forgotten generation in the secular world, are ones we as homeschool moms feel are so special! Our teens are on the brink of the challenges of a world we would rather have them avoid. Now teens can come to their OWN special event just for them. Come as you are, you are welcome to join us--with open arms, no bullying here! Join like-minded Christians from around the USA and enjoy sessions just for you. As an added bonus moms will receive a pre-recorded set of parenting tips and bonuses. Information your kids wish you knew about talking to them, keeping their hearts tender and listening with open ears and an open heart to their needs! This set is included in our bundled year-round expo! Listen live or listen On-Demand on your time. You will have access to download the information to use again and again.
  • Workshops presented with amazing topics and insights.
  • Bonus audios for teens & parents
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Lifelong Lessons I Leaned at Funerals


Felice Gerwitz - Expo Host
What happens when you attend a funeral? You remember the person and the life they lived. Why wait? Begin to live the life God wants you to live now! This seminar is for teens and their parents. Audio for paid subscribers

Parents Love Your Teens


Meredith Curtis - Expo co-Host

This is an encouraging and timely word! Meredith will share ways to truly love your teens and to build relationships based on mutual respect and kindness. She will remind you what love is and what love isn't, as well as help you navigate through the challenges of this transition time between childhood and adulthood. Set yourself up for a lifetime of friendship with your soon-to-be adult. Download Session Handout Here for subscribers Download or Listen to Audio for subscribers

How to Teach Kids About Managing Money (When You’re Not Doing So Great Yourself)

Carol Topp

MicroBusiness for Teens
So you don’t consider yourself a financial role model. Take heart, you can still teach your kids financial principles. This workshop offers tips on how to teach your kids the money basics as part of your busy lifestyle. We’ll also discuss what topics to teach at each age from preschoolers to college age. Handout Download for Subscribers Only LISTEN TO A SAMPLE HERE  

Traveling While You Are Young


Jen Reyneri
Join Jen Reyneri, founder of, as she unpacks a the value of traveling young! One of the greatest blessings of homeschooling is the freedom available to your family while cultivating a lifestyle of journey. Come share experiences- and ignite a fire within- to pack up for extraordinary adventures that are and can be attained in your  teen’s homeschool and after graduation. Be inspired and learn strategies to help you discover new places, see new faces, and taste all the goodness life has to offer. The world is a beautiful, exciting place to be, and the value of exploring it is priceless. Download Handout for Subscribers Only Download or Listen to Audio for Subscribers Only

Is Your Teen Artistically Gifted? Careers for Artists

  Sharon Jeffus Visual Sharon has a gift of teaching and with her enthusiasm and encouragement has mentored many teens -- they create wonderful murals among other things. Download Handouts for Subscribers Only LISTEN TO A SAMPLE HERE

Mixed Messages Teaching Kids Media Discernment

    Tyler Hogan TylerHogan
Movies and music are the languages of this generation—but what does Scripture say about how we should interact with the good, the bad, and the ugly in our culture? How do we teach kids to think about the arts from a biblical worldview? With concrete examples and easy-to-apply principles, this workshop provides valuable tools that anyone can use. You will be challenged to grow in wisdom and grace as you choose and appreciate movies, books, music, and more.
Sample Audio Coming Soon

Creating an Unbreakable Bond

  Felice Gerwitz
5-Key points to creating an unbreakable bond between parent and child. Are you at odds with your parents? Parents, are you at odds with your teens? Why does this happen? Scientifically this can be explained, however how does this line up to God's Word? How can you use simple key points to create a bond that lasts a lifetime? Felice is a homeschool mom of five children ages 32-13 and five grandchildren.
Handouts for Subscribers only
Download or Listen to Audio for subscribers only

How to Gain Super Powers & Predict the Future


John Young
How to Gain Super Powers & Predict the Future (Well, not really, but why economics explains most things!) - If you think economics is a "dismal science" with weird indicators and statistics that don't impact your life at all, you need this session! John Calvin Young, who studied economics at Oxford and Washington & Lee Universities, will explain riveting things like why coke machines and newspaper racks are made differently and how economics is really about understanding human decision-making and why people do the things they do, which helps you navigate today's world. Getting these concepts will make you a better entrepreneur, politician, citizen, even poet or artist. Download Handouts Subscribers Only Listen to Sample Here

Your Shining Armor: Fighting the Big Battle for Purity (For Young Men)


Hal & Melanie Young
Your Shining Armor: Fighting the Big Battle for Purity (For Young Men) - It's hard to keep your mind where it belongs in a culture of under-dressed girls, risque media and internet porn, but it's what God requires of us - not to mention your future wife! How can a young man win a battle like this one? Come and learn practical ways to fight temptation, how to think Biblically about sexuality, and how to be restored when you (or others you help) have fallen. Learn how to prepare for marriage in a way that will give you a firm foundation for the future. Handouts for Subscribers Only
Listen to the Sample HERE

Proclaiming Christ on the College Campus

    Jennifer Curtis & Steve Pollicastro
Entering college can be an eye-opening experience, especially for Christian young adults who want to share the Gospel on their campus. Come and be encouraged and equipped to boldly share the truth in love as we share personal testimonies and evangelism tips we have learned along the way. Ready to step out of the comfort zone of your home and into an adventure with Christ to blaze a path for His Kingdom? Then come. Join us. Stand with us. Run with us!

How to Cultivate Your Young Writer

  Jan May
Real advice for the young and young-at-heart who want to see their fiction published! Jan May has created books for a new generation - or New Millennium Girls! She gives you real tips you can use. Download Handouts for subscribers only Listen to the Sample Here

How to Make a Buck & Build a Future

  Hal and Melanie Young
Raising Real Men
Finances, Business and Entrepreneurship for the Adventurous - Why not take advantage of that fact that someone else (your parents) are providing you with food and shelter and take a little risk? It's a great time to start a business! Learn about teens with out of the ordinary jobs like carnival roustabout, movie critic, and journalist and others who've started successful businesses locally and online. A great session to inspire you with ideas that can pay off both in your wallet and your future. Listen to the Sample HERE  

No Job? No Problem.


Carol Topp

Micro Business For Teens
70% of teenagers were unemployed last summer. One solution to the teen unemployment rate is to start a micro business. Micro businesses allow teenagers to earn money and learn a lot. Some make more money than working fast-food or at the mall! Presenter Carol Topp, CPA has counseled dozens of teenagers running a business and will discuss how to get started. Download Handouts Subscribers Only SAMPLE AUDIO HERE

Christians and Pop Culture - Evaluating the Arts


Israel Wayne
This session endeavors to establish a Biblical framework for viewing The Arts and multimedia. How can you tell what is good art, literature, or music and what isn’t? What is a Biblical view of entertainment? Are there some forms of art that are “more Christian” than others? Learn how art reflects culture and culture reflects religious presuppositions. These issues and more will be explored in this engaging message. Download Handouts for subscribers Listen to the Sample Here

American Exceptionalism


Woody Wilson
Woody Wilson has received many history honors as an outstanding professor on the highschool and college level. He shares his love of history in this ground-breaking class. There are two links to videos Woody created especially for highschool - homeschoolers, this class is offered as a high-school credit. Try two classes for free with this expo ticket. Don't forget Government Class Here or American History Class Here Handouts Here for subscribers only
Special Links these are videos - Windows Video Player Needed

Healthy Boy-Girl Relationships


Hope Auer
What is emotional purity, and why is it important? In this talk, Hope answers that question and talks about why it’s important for teens today and how she struggled in this area. She knows how important it is for homeschooled teens to socialize and not be awkward around members of the opposite sex, but also balance that with appropriate and healthy healthy God-glorifying relationships with their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. LISTEN TO A SAMPLE HERE

Teaching Writing in HighSchool


Meredith Curtis - Expo co-Host

Presented by Meredith Curtis. What kind of writing should your teen do in high school? What is the different between good, bad, and excellent writing? Learn to teach writing using the basic ingredients of writing (words, ideas, sentences, and paragraphs). Teach your children all the steps in the writing process (research, write, edit, craft, and publish. Download Session Handout Here for subscribers Download or Listen to Audio for subscribers

I'd Rather be Texting


Julianna Curtis & Friends
Presented by Julianna Curtis, with Jimmy, Josh, Shine, & Phoebe. Teens are often tempted to text, creep the internet, play video games, watch movies and do anything that just seems fun. Do you ever think you must cut your parents out of your social life 'cause that's what teens do? Let us show you how the teen years can be exciting and useful, not just a waiting room to hang out and wait for your life to begin. Handout Download for Subscribers Only LISTEN TO A SAMPLE HERE



Husband Wife Team - Jeffords
Presented by Mike & Sarah Jeffords. Girls are bombarded with romantic ideas from the time they are young, while young men are bombarded with undesirable examples of manhood and temptations. Is there another way than Hollywood's view of romance & love? Learn all about wholesome friendships, the dangers of dating, and the process of courtship. Real men and God's girls walk in freedom from lust and the foolish ideas of the world. Learn how to have pure relationships and wholesome friendships. Prepare yourself for a life-long marriage by doing things God's way instead of the world's way LISTEN TO A SAMPLE HERE

Writing Tips From A College Professor


Katie Curtis
Katie was homeschooled K-12 and attended Stetson University. She currently is a college professor and shares her tips and hints with parents from the perspective of an instructor. Listen to this best of the past-expo sets as Katie shares information sure to help your child considering college. Download Session Handout Here for subscribers Download or Listen to Audio for subscribers

Wonderful Wacky Teens


Meredith Curtis

Meredith Curtis
Even the most godly of children can be a little wacky when they hit puberty. With hormones rushing through their bloodstream, teens can be highly emotional, need more sleep, and have serious lapses in judgment. Yet, they are wonderful, interesting, funny, energetic, and enchanting. If they fall in love with Jesus, they are full of zeal and live passionately for the purposes of God. How can you enjoy your teenager, maintain parental authority, and guide them to adult independence? Handout Download for Subscribers Only Listen to the Full Audio Free HERE!

Post Modernism


Katie Curits
Post-modernism rules and reigns on college campuses. What is it? How can Christian students stand firm in their faith and contend with this heresy? Katie Beth will help you recognize post-modernism and help you combat this deception with the life-changing truth of Christ. Audio for paid subscribers

Teaching Teens About Money


Meredith Curtis - Expo co-Host

Presented by Meredith Curtis. From economic principles to starting a business, Meredith will show you how to raise children who understand money and make wise financial decisions. With living books and curriculum recommendations, Meredith will give practical advice and simple tips to spark your children's interest and build healthy financial habits. Download Session Handout Here for subscribers LISTEN TO A SAMPLE HERE

College Application


Julianna Curtis
Presented by Julianna Curtis. Julianna will walk you through the details of the college application process. This includes what and when to research, how and when to volunteer, what and when to take electives, and what to do in your spare time. Julianna has the scoop on testing, applications, and how other people in your life can help you get into college. Download or Listen to Audio Here Download or Listen to Audio for Subscribers Only

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Meredith Curits & Shine Curtis -

Don't Waste Your Life    
Meredith and Shine Curtis discuss living every moment for God during the Teen Years. Learn how to avoid the devils traps and press into Jesus in practical ways. These ladies will share honestly how to avoid the pitfalls they fell into and how to get out if you have already fallen in. Serving Jesus is the most exciting thing you can ever do! Build a foundation NOW that will last you the rest of your life.
SAMPLE Audio coming soon

John Calvin Young -

Christ & College  
If God’s calling you to be an engineer or doctor, or a number of other professionals, college is in your future. What are the biggest challenges? How can you prepare to stand your ground for Christ in a place where many others are losing their faith? Learn about the traps, how to avoid them and how to live like a believer in the refiner’s fire of university life. Get ideas for how you can build your own personal ministry and be a light in a very dark generation. John Calvin graduated from a very secular top 20 college and studied at Oxford University.

Marla Stevens - FinishWellConference

Making Music for the Glory of God Join Marla as she talks about playing music to the glory of God! Do you love playing, writing or just even listening to music? Marla will be talking about ways to grow in your musical giftings like playing skillfully, techniques for practicing and writing your own music. Marla loves worshiping God with the talents He has given her, and it has grown her closer to Him, so get ready to be excited about music and how God can use you!  

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Tyler Hogan -

Confessions of a Homeschool Graduate

  Tyler Hogan graduated homeschool and went to college when he was 16. During his college and young adult years, he made some really stupid mistakes (and stumbled onto a few things that worked out really well). You will hear frank and timely words about busting stereotypes, owning your faith, navigating relationships, and how not to wreck your life after homeschool. (Teens and Parents)   Download Session Handout for subscribers only
View the Webcast with Slides Here for subscribers only
Download or Listen to Audio for subscribers only

Jenny Rose Curtis -

Healthy Body Outlook: God Way   Real talk about beauty - God's way! Jenny Rose shares that body image can be a bondage for many, in this sessions she gets real with teens and parents and explains ways to combat negative body image.
Download or Listen to Audio subscribers only.

Hope Auer -

What Do I Do For The Rest of My Life     As a teen in high school and then a college-aged person, Hope struggled with finding God’s plan for her life. She wants to provide help and encouragement to those who are trying to figure out careers and a life purpose while still homeschooling and living at home, and ultimately point them to Christ so that they discover His plan for their lives. Download Session Handout - Notes
Slide Handouts
Webcast View the Live Broadcast Here
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Steven Policastro -

Mentoring Young Men   In a world that rewards evil and punishes good, can we really entrust younger generations to just anyone? If you aren't the one building into the people you care about, who will be? That is why it is important to build into those around you. Come hear practical ways to build into the lives of others with the love of Christ.
Download Handout Here for subscribers only
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Katie Beth Curtis - FinishWellConference

Set Apart     Did you know that you have been set apart for something glorious? I love teens like you! And so does God. Teens are passionate and radical. You long for some bold and glorious purpose to live for. Your hearts are awakening to love and romance, and you're also seeking freedom and control and your own identity. God has a purpose, a passion, a love, and a freedom that will shake your life to the core and turbocharge it! Don't stay in a rut of the same old thing. Let God shake you! Walk with me through how to find and live the glorious purpose God set you apart for before the world began!
Download Session Handout
Webcast Video with Slides Here
Download or Listen to Audio here!

Israel Wayne - IsraelWayne

How Can I Know What is True?   There is a common skepticism today about knowing anything with certainty. It is assumed by many that if you claim to know something in an absolute sense that you are arrogant. How do Christians respond to this challenge? Can objective truth really be known and defended? This will be a thought-provoking and engaging session. Download Session Handout for subscribers only
Listen to the Webcast with Slides subscribers only Download or Listen to Audio subscribers only

Mommy Jammies Nights Special Speakers

Rebecca Brandt -Ready to Download!



  Imperfect in God's Perfect World?   Rebeca is a Mom who has faced many trials through this journey of life. The most recent part of her journey has brought her close to the God who created her and the Jesus who saved her. After giving up pointe shoes for combat boots, she climbed the corporate ladder. Her plans never included staying home or homeschooling. However, as she began to travel the path God created for her, she quit the corporate world and began homeschooling her three children. Her passion for sharing the truth of Jesus' love for all has brought her to a place in her life to encourage other moms who think they are not worthy of love or friendship. she loves helping Moms who think they have to be perfect to live in this world clouded by a perception of a false perfection - through doing, rather than finding the beauty of a faith that takes a heart to truly serving for no reason other than to please God.
Sample Coming Soon

9 p.m. (est) Felice Gerwitz

Live August 13, 2013   Making Crooked Lines Straight   Growing up learning Bible stories at the feet of her mother and grandmother was a way of life for Felice. In fact, she didn’t know who Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty were — much to the chagrin of her elementary teacher. Yet, either did she imagine her life would take the turns it has. As an education major she planned to rise in the ranks and someday be a principal, instead the Lord had other plans. After being blessed with a special needs child, Felice quickly learned to be resourceful and homeschooling became the only option for her. Raising children taught her many things, especially the love of the Lord and His providence in times of need. A life-changing decision brought her back to the truth that God will provide.   Sample Coming Soon