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Ultimate Homeschool Expo

In the Beginning, Creation

January 15-17

Who cares? What is the difference if you take Genesis literally or decide it is an allegory of a deeper truth? ~ You may not care but your kids care. The pews are full of children who are confused. Their parents say one thing and the media says another. Can your children fully refute with conviction using SCIENCE the difference between and evolutionary worldview and a creationist perspective? Can you? Join us for an ULTIMATE CREATION Conference! Get ready to dive into the science behind creation...Find practical, real-life, proven tips, techniques for homeschooling your child with a creationist perspective! You will be blessed not only by scientists and educators but by homeschool moms, such as Felice Gerwitz, your host, who has studied the topic for years and designed curriculum around it. Best of all, this set is included in our bundled year-round expo! Listen live or listen On-Demand on your time. You will have access to the information to use again and again. Want this set? Subscribe Here!
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Pre-Recorded Sessions - ticket holders only

Creation Matters

Felice Gerwitz
While finishing up book number three in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series, Felice was shocked to learn the lengths some people will go through to deny there is a God. She will share her experiences with you and help you find ways to share the truth with love to others. Download Session Handout Coming Soon Download or Listen to the Audio here: Full Audio Conference Purchase a ticket for the entire set!

Young Earth Creationist

Tom DeRosa

Learn how deception, brainwashing and censorship are taking place in the public forum in the area of origins. With much vigor a Godless agenda is being advanced under the disguise of evolution being a scientific fact that will result with horrific consequences. Witness how the new aggressive atheistic movement is indoctrinating so many young minds with the lie of evolution in our public schools. Discover what we need to do to raise up the next generation in Christ righteousness. Download Session Handout Here Download or Listen to Audio Coming Soon

3- Keys to Raising Convictional Faith in Children

Dr. G. Thomas Sharp
Encore Presentation - How do you develop convictional faith? What is convictional faith and why is it important? Join Dr. Sharp, the founder of the Creation Truth as he shares 3-Keys to Developing Convictional Faith. You will listen to this audio again and again! Handout Coming Soon Download or Listen to Audio coming soon.

Seeking Truth in all the Wrong Places - Teens

Felice Gerwitz

The secular media would have you believe the truth is an atheistic world view. Join Felice as she shares why teens have a mission to educate the world - one person at a time! This is a challenge with 5 key questions. Session for teens and adults. Download Handout Coming Soon Download or Listen to Audio -- Coming Soon.

Were there Dinosaurs on the Ark?

Sharon Jeffus Visual
Were there dinosaurs on the ark? Sharon Jeffus gives an art lesson for children about how dinosaurs could be on the ark. Younger students make an art out of a rectangle and draw a small dinosaur going onto the ark. The ark is drawn using the Biblical description (smaller of course!). Children learn art elements and principles, with the creation science. Older students do an ark in perspective. They also learn how to draw a dinosaur in the foreground of the picture, learning shading, shadow and texture. They do a colorwheel rainbow in the background, learning about God's promises.
Download Handouts
Download or Listen to Audio coming soon.

Special Audio for the Kids

Kim Jones TheNatureTour
Kim Jones has created a special set of audios for the kids that teach Creation Truths! Encore presentation.
Download or Listen to Audio here!


Tom DeRosa
Learn how the public school system is indoctrinating our children about our origins, and bringing up a culture of Godlessness. Preview experts of the controversial documentary, Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America and see first-hand the enemy at work. Let Tom DeRosa, Executive Director of CSI give you new insights to the current affairs of our schools and let him show the believer what they must do for the righteousness of Christ.
Handouts coming soon.
Download or Listen to Audio -- coming soon!

Biblical View of Dinosaurs

Dr. D. Thomas Sharp
Download Handouts Coming soon Download or Listen to Audio coming soon

Hands On Creation Art with Sharon!

Sharon Jeffus
For the kids! Taking the days of creation in Genesis, Sharon Jeffus will teach children how to do an art project that incorporates, positive negative/ space and doing a project on the creation of light, learning atmospheric perspective and doing a landscape for the creation of land and showing a seascape for the creation of water; with a tree symbolizing the creation of plants; and drawing several animals for the creation of animals. Handouts Here
Download or Listen to Audio soon

Creation Anatomy - God's Gift of Life

Felice Gerwitz
How can anyone not see the amazing glory of God when they look at the human body? Felice will touch upon some of the facts shared during her kids classes on Anatomy. This seminar is for the kids, so please let them listen! (Mrs. Gerwitz says it counts for science for the day!) Download Session Handout Special Handout for the Kids . Download Session Handout Coming Soon Download or Listen to Audio Coming

Creation Adventures in Education

Kelli Becton
Home education does not need to be boring! Kelli shares how she and her family explore the great outdoors and using nature to inspire a love for learning in her children. She shows us how to think of life as an adventure, and seek to follow after God’s will, finding joy in every day. Download Session Handout Coming Soon Download or Listen to Audio Coming

Creepy Crawlies – Our Creator’s Calling Cards

Bill Clifton - Science Partners
Creepy Crawlies – Our Creator’s Calling Cards!  Join Felice Gerwitz in an interview with Bill Clifton - creationist, science educator, author, and Florida Master Naturalist.  Bill has a passion for God and His amazing creation!  Bill and his wife Merilee are founders of Science Partners in Central Florida, offering science classes for homeschoolers as well as Creation Adventures for homeschooling families.  Bill will share with us how EVEN the creepy crawlies point to a Creator God! Download or Listen to Bill Clifton's testimony here, now!
Bill's Testimony - play button above to listen!
Creepy Crawlies Sample coming soon.

Live Session Details - January 15, 2013 - Free!

11 a.m. (est) Eric Hovind - CreationToday.Org

Proof of God There is a God! He’s the true creator, leader, and provider of the entire universe and the very reason for man’s existence. You know Him! We all know Him. Scripture clearly proclaims, “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made.”  Yet, with atheism on the rise and resistance to Christianity coming from all directions, we had better know how we can effectively share this truth with others. Join me as we examine how and why we defend our faith to others. Young people, it is my desire to revolutionize the way you defend your faith with valuable principles from this message — Proof of God! View the Webcast Here - slides and sound ticket holders only
Download Session Handout coming soon
Download or Listen to Audio coming soon

1 p.m. (est) Meredith Curtis -

Including Creation in Your Curriculum
Do you know the importance of including Creation in your curriculum? Join us as Meredith shares how it affects teaching history, geography, and science.
Listen to the Webcast Here - slides and sound
Download Session Handout
Download or Listen to Audio here!

9 p.m. (est) Dr. Jay Wile -

Recent News in Creation Science
Every year, new scientific discoveries are made. More often than not, those discoveries have little bearing on the creation/evolution or age-of-the-earth debates. However, every now and then, a new discovery relates to one or both of those controversial topics. In this talk, Dr. Wile discusses the recent scientific discoveries that are directly related to these subjects and shows how they generally support the young-earth creationist view.
View the Webcast Replay - with slides
Download Session Handout
Download or Listen to Audio here coming soon

Live Session Details - January 16, 2013

11 a.m. (est) Eric Hovind - CreationToday.Org

God Quest

I was raised in a Christian home; went to Christian school; attended Bible college—then it happened. God had not answered prayer the way in which I thought He should. I began questioning everything. I really didn’t KNOW God! That realization changed my life and it was then that I began my God Quest Journey personally getting to know the one true God of the Bible. Having traveled this exciting road for the past twelve years, I would like to introduce you to the Creator of the universe—GOD. Would you like GOD Himself to tell you the divine purpose for which you were created? It will be up to you to choose what to do with my invitation as well as His. I hope you will join me for this challenge and begin your own God Quest today! With this message, my desire is to take you on a unique journey into the reality of God and what He expects. It has been used to propel many to take an honest look inside their own lives and make life changing decisions. I invite you to listen in to this message and to take the first step or the next step in your God Quest! Download Session Handout View the Webcast with Slides Here Download or Listen to Audio here!

1 p.m. (est) Pastor Mike Curtis -

The Lies That Lie Behind Evolution: Straight Talk With Teens

Pastor Mike talks to teens and adults in this session! He will deal, candidly with the agenda of secular evolution and the resulting wake of moral emptiness that it leaves behind.

Download Session Handout
View the Webcast Here --with slides
Download or Listen to Audio here!

9 p.m. (est) Sherri Seligson -

Marine Biology - What the Oceans Have to Say About Evolution Nearly everyone enjoys learning about creatures that live in the ocean. After all, it is a truly alien environment to us, full of unique and interesting organisms. Amazingly, the more we learn about the ocean and the organisms living in it, the more we begin to see that there are intricacies that do not fit with the theory of evolution. As we dive into this discussion, we will look at the physical features of echolocation in fun-loving dolphins, as well as “living fossils” that should be extinct yet are found unchanged in shape and form, living all over the world. We’ll look scientifically at the ocean’s salinity and learn what the actual data have to say about an earth that is supposedly millions of years old. And we cannot forget sharks, with their amazing physical abilities to detect electrical impulses from miles away! So grab a notepad and come to this informative discussion…no snorkels necessary! Topic: Science, Apologetics, Marine Biology, Creation.
Download Session Handout - Notes
Slide Handouts
Webcast View the Live Broadcast Here
Download or Listen to Audio here!

Live Session Details - January 17, 2012

11 a.m. (est) Tom DeRosa -

The Ice Age and God's Word Does the book of Job, one of the oldest books of the bible, give testimony of Ice and Snow that was present during an Ice Age? Can you make the connection that the Genesis world-wide flood gave the conditions for an Ice Age? Where there giant creatures roaming the earth after the flood? Do you know how the Tower of Babel is directly connected to the migration of people and animals during the time of the Ice Age? Let Tom DeRosa, Executive Director of Creation Studies Institute and author and popular author answer these questions and much more as he witnessed much of the Ice Age evidence in the many fossil trips he has taken for over 20 years leading approximately 10,000 people down the Peace River in the famous “Bone Valley” fossil beds. Download Handout Here
Webinar Webcast here with Slides
Download or Listen to Audio here!

1 p.m. (est) Kim G. Jones -

The Mysteries of Yellowstone How do mysterious creatures discovered in Yellowstone work for the F.B.I.? What strange force has “stolen” over 425 miles of rock from Yellowstone?  What SUPER SECRET is Yellowstone hiding?  Discover the fascinating answers to these mysteries as you join author, Kim Jones on a Yellowstone National Park Creation Expedition. (Bring the kids!)
Download Session Handout
Special Handout for the Kids
Webcast Video with Slides Here
Download or Listen to Audio here!

9 p.m. (est)Sherri Seligson -

All Creatures Great and Small (and Microscopic!) Give Glory to Their Creator What are we to do when faced with a world telling us it is a certainty that all organisms evolved from primordial ooze? How can our students give an answer when these ideas come up in discussions as they begin to move out from under our teaching and into the world? By looking at what scientists are discovering today, we are beginning to see clear scientific evidence for a Creator. Recent research on bacteria and the structure of cells is showing the world how complex these organisms are. We are now able to confirm that as far as we know, there is no simple creature. The organisms in this world range from complex to ridiculously complex. This talk will highlight some of the amazing discoveries scientists are finding, such as how bacteria communicate, and the amazing structure of the DNA molecule!
Download Session Handout
Listen to the Webcast with Slides Here
Download or Listen to Audio here coming soon

Mommy Jammies Nights Special Speakers

Felice Gerwitz

You are Precious in the Eyes of God Do you realize how precious you are? Do you understand the impact you have on future generations? Are you seeing the big picture? In the day-to-day struggles of motherhood we sometimes lose our focus. How often are you consumed with providing for your family's physical and psychological needs and forgetting the most important thing? If it wasn't for YOU and your YES to the Lord, you would not be a parent. And, as such you are indeed special. During some recent trials and while deep in prayer the Lord reminded Felice of this and she wants to share this with all of you!
Download Session Handout
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Lorrie Flem

Live February 12th 9 PM True Womanhood is Not for Wimpy Women My goal in this session is two-fold. First of all, I want you to leave with a clear understanding of what the ultimate meaning of true womanhood is. We will get our definition solely from looking into God’s Word. Second, by God’s grace, I will motivate you to embrace His definition of womanhood as your highest calling and joy. As I share with you the “True Woman Manifesto,” a faithful, clear, true, and wise definition, you will see that embracing God’s vision will empower you to be the woman He sees possible in YOU.
Download Session Handout
Link to the replay with the slides-video
Download or Listen to the audio below